Time To Go

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on October 24, 2017 in Personal |

It has been fun being Viktoria Michaelis for these past few years, but the time has come to move on. Thank you to all my friends, all my visitors – and especially those who took the time to comment and write me – and to the love of my life.

Take care.




Finding My Books

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 16, 2017 in Publishing |

After weeks of dismal weather, trying to get things in order here and many hard decisions, the future is beginning to look as if a ray of sunshine could appear any time soon. I certainly hope so.

I’ve been asked a few times, by mail, about the books my small press publishing company brought out over the last few years, and wanted to bring everyone up-to-date on how things are, and how they will be in the future. I had to cancel the registration of the company in England – not because of this Brexit nonsense which is driving many businesses mad at the moment – after the company handling the registration began increasing the cost of just being there and doing nothing by twenty-five percent. Not the first time either. And then I discovered that they had offered me a package in their most expensive range, and forgotten to mention a package for just being registered and no more – so, no office services, telephones and all that, which I have never needed – which would have been one tenth of the price I have been paying. This service, they also told me when I found out about it, is no longer being offered.

Instead we are running the publishing company, if you can call it that, as a hobby registration in Germany – still publishing in English – and will be bringing out new titles hopefully fairly soon, as well as bringing the older titles back where they can be found. Although, as has happened, anyone who wishes to buy any – or all – of the existing titles can do so by sending me a mail. There are five available at the moment: three Masonic, one erotic, one short story.

And hopefully I will be here more often too, and not just sitting at home wondering whether I should do the ironing or the washing up!

Love & Kisses,


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It’s Been A While

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 9, 2017 in Personal |

Yes, I know, I’ve been doing other things and pushing this blog off from one day to the next until, suddenly and without warning, six months have gone by. My time, I can assure everyone, has not been misspent, I’ve been very busy doing many things, including traveling, writing and learning. But I don’t want to leave two thousand four hundred and thirty-nine posts just hanging in the air, especially since there are still a few people interested in what little I have to say. That must be true, or there wouldn’t have been nearly three thousand visitors here in the last week.

So I promise to sort myself out and get back to writing very soon – probably not about American politics if I can help it, that just makes my blood boil.

Love & Kisses,


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Donald Trump: New Style In The White House

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 20, 2017 in Immoral Conversations |

He has promised that things are not going to be the way they were, that the practices of the past eight years under President Barack Obama will have an end, that it will be a new era taking us away from the American Carnage we have experienced. Anyone who watched the inauguration, and there must have been a few glued to the television and not out on the streets protesting, would have seen how this change is taking place.

We watched an inauguration ceremony unlike any other: more police than spectators; empty viewing stands; a total lack of jubilant crowds greeting the new man at the helm. At times it seemed as if there were more people in the marching bands than on the stands, and the aerial photographs tend to confirm this: the streets along the parade route were empty, the whole was a shambles. Each person makes their own choice, on which side of the barricade they wish to stand. I stayed home and witnessed the whole on Twitter.

And it was here on Twitter that I first experienced – aside from the shambles, the inauguration speech, the rain and disconsolate faces of those taking part, forced or otherwise – the real truth behind this idea that Trump is going to do things differently, and for that I must thank ABC News.

Trump Singing

Screenshot Source: Twitter / ABC News

Here we have Trump at a surprisingly clear desk – compared to his own in Trump Tower which, for those looking closely, mainly seems to be covered with large piles of photographs of himself, books and magazines about or by him and a few trophies – signing the first of many Executive Orders which will take away what has been granted during the last eight years. EOs which will increase costs for the average or poorer person – such as rolling back the Affordable Care Act and increasing the mortgage costs for first time buyers – and put money back into the pockets of the richest in the land.

But here, thanks to ABC News, we see that Trump is indeed doing things differently; he’s not just signing the EO, he is singing it. Or, perhaps, humming at the moment because he doesn’t know the words. But I can see the future now, as Trump changes and destroys all our benefits and gains from eight years hard work, and Sings and Dances around the Oval Office, sharpie in hand, gleefully noting each and every landslide coming his way.

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Setting Priorities Over Reality

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 19, 2017 in Immoral Conversations |

I read in the German news today that seven children lost their parents in one single crash on a highway here. Someone lost control of their vehicle, possibly hit a small patch of ice which hadn’t been cleared away properly, and destroyed a complete family.

Speed Kills

Screenshot Source: Twitter / AP Oddities

And then I read this.

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Not My Leader Of The Free World

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 18, 2017 in Immoral Conversations |

I have a great problem with the idea behind the title of this post, a title which has been used many times over the years and which, unsurprisingly, refers exclusively to the President of the United States of America.

I have a problem with it for many reasons. The main one, of course, is that there can be no leader of the free world, unless that leader has been properly and legally elected by the citizens of the free world. Not just by some of the citizens of the United States, but by all adults throughout all the countries which count. And there, of course, is the next problem: which countries count as being part of the free world? Do we even have one? I mean, if you take the USA first, is this massive country a part of the free world, with all its (claims of) voter suppression, inequality, poverty? Is it even a democratic country? Here we must remember that the USA is a republic, and that the leader of the country is not elected by democratic means, but by an Electoral College.


Photo Source: Chris Leishman – Creative Commons

Is there any country on our small globe which could be called free? Or, come to that, even democratic? Admittedly there are some which come fairly close, but not close to being free in that citizens can talk and act without fear. Every single country in this world has legislation which prevents, which bans, which stops freedoms and, of course, we all have different ideas of what freedom is or could / can be. Freedom to smoke hash, to have an abortion, to sing in the streets, to express an opinion, to follow no religion at all. Freedom, as I mentioned elsewhere, to buy a wedding cake for two people of the same gender, whether they marry or not.

However, I come back to my original point: leader of the free world. Not of my world. And not the world of the majority of people ion this planet, whether their country is termed free or not.

So can we just stop calling the President of the United States of America, no matter who it may have been or might be in the future, the Leader of the Free World? It would make things so much easier, especially with those who we – in the free world – claim live in the not-so-free world but believe, rightly or wrongly, that their world is just as free as we like to imagine ours is.

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While The World Is Burning

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 17, 2017 in Immoral Conversations |

Someone on Twitter, today, said that they were going to pray for me. They suggested that I would be surprised that they pray for all LGBT people while we, the LGBT people, only sue good, law-abiding Christian citizens. We are unable to put ourselves in their place, so walk a mile in their shoes, to see why they, and not we, are right. And all the time, it goes on, we claim to always be right, never wrong. Christians, I was told, aren’t mean-spirited.

The conversation came about when I commented on someone who complained that the pro-life movement had been removed from the Women’s March, due to take place across the United States while Donald Trump is inaugurated in Washington, DC. Having read something of this person’s profile, I commented that wedding cake aren’t wedding cake eaters if they’re gay. The idea here, which anyone with an ounce of intelligence would have spotted – and he did – was that it is somewhat ironic to complain that the pro-life people are removed from the march when they should have an equality of rights and, at the same time, applaud those who refuse to sell a gay couple a wedding cake because it goes against their principles.

While The House Is Burning

Photo Source: Via Tsuji – Creative Commons

So now someone else is going to pray for me, and probably for my immortal soul which, as we all know, is in danger of being condemned to the fires of hell because of my birthright. Because I was born gay.

I’ll be quite honest about it, I don’t  believe prayer, from anyone and to anything, is going to make me straight. But I’ve come across these people before, those who pray rather than taking action to help. I’m not talking about changing people who are gay into straight necessarily, but those who believe prayer will work to cure anything. Those who pray rather than take a child to a doctor for treatment, and let the child die. Those who pray for good fortune rather than working at it themselves.

Funnily enough, these same people would not pray that their god intervene and put out the fire which is burning down their house, they would call the fire brigade. I guess even the most fanatic appreciate that prayer doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes mortal assistance is far better than dirtying your knees and piously pressing your hands together, averting your eyes from the world around you.

For me remains one clear fact: if you are going to demand Rights, then that demand should go for all. There is no praying here, just logic and – something which is often left out of the equation – fairness. I have no problem living amidst Christians, people who believe in pro-life politics, those who pray to another god – or the same god with a different system. Therefore, I see no reason why these people should, according to their own reasoning, have a problem living near to me. It stands to reason. That is, unless your answer to any and all problems is to pray.

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So, Where Did You Want To Go Again?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 16, 2017 in Internet |

This is probably not where you wanted to end up, in the eternal loop of the Matrix. You typed something completely different into your browser, or set a bot to do the searching for you, and expected to find something else. At worst, you’d have thought, a 404 page. At best, well, perhaps you were looking for a way to break in and tried to enter the URL for a theme file on the backend of this server, or for another file where you know there is a weakness, where you know that you could break in.

Life, however, is not quite so easy. You are being watched, you are being followed. Every single tap of your little fingers on that keyboard, it’s going into the eternal loop of the Matrix. You are going to be swirled in and lost forever, forgotten to man, to history. Your whole life, wasted. You will burn.

Sucking It All Up

Photo Source: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center – Creative Commons

What was it then, one of these perhaps


Or perhaps you were a little more creative with


and still you ended up here. How can that be? What went wrong?

Let me tell you a little story: you’ve enough time, after all, you’re in the loop of the Matrix now, you’re not going anywhere in a hurry.

It’s all about visitors, clicks and statistics. When someone hits a 404 page, it doesn’t show up as a visit to the site, no matter how well produced and enthralling that 404 page may be, no matter how much time has been spent decorating it, adding links to other possibilities which might be of interest on the site, it is a nothing click. And every single day I have people like you, looking for something which I do not want to share, trying to wander nonchalantly into the working bits of my server and poke around in my privates. You think that I don’t notice. You think trying to grab me by the intimate bits and pieces of my website is going to go unnoticed, unregarded, but you are wrong. Eventually everyone has to stand up for what they have done, be it a British football trainer, pop star or radio presenter from the Seventies finally caught and brought before the courts for child abuse or a president-elect somewhere else in the world.

But right now you’re in the loop. In the Matrix. You’ve been caught, and trapped. Luckily I’m a vegetarian, otherwise there would be skinning and roasting on the menu too. So, rather than wasting your valuable (!) time trying to break into my server and ruin one of the few virtual pleasures I have in life, why don’t you browse a few of the posts here and find something interesting to pass the time? Grab yourself a coffee – or a Monster Energy Drink if that’s your thing – settle down and appreciate rather than ruin. You’ll feel so much better for it, and I’ll be able to pack away the fire extinguisher and barbecue.

  • Viktoria Michaelis.

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Myth Of The Fat Hacker

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 14, 2017 in Internet |

I think it was the Donald who claimed that there is – or is not, hard to keep up – a fat hacker sitting somewhere in Russia who concentrates on disrupting things. Sometimes this fat hacker is good, when he or she hacks other people, sometimes bad. Either way, the hacker is clearly fat, because he or she spends all their time sitting in front of a computer, gaining access to different websites and mail accounts and sending the results either to WikiLeaks (good for the big D) or the press (bad for the big D).

I have great difficulty following some of these ideas. That the hacker is fat really throws me; is this a sort of body-shaming attack to try to draw this person out? Challenge their ego by calling them fat, or lazy, stupid or under-educated? It might work with some criminals – according to many TV shows – but in real life? Perhaps these people are as intelligent as Doctor Sheldon Cooper, and equally insensitive to sarcasm or personal insults. And are the hackers really sitting somewhere in Russia? I get to see about thirty attempts to breach this website every single day, either by a forced attack or attempting to log in with a guessed-at name and password (no, I dumped admin right at the start and, really, who uses test as an administrator’s name these days?). Each time I get to see the IP and name of the server being used; sometimes it is France, or Pakistan, or Houston, Texas. I’m sure it would be possible to trace back through these servers and find the origin of these attempts. But I am an ordinary person, no specialist. That’s a job for the professionals, when they’re not bickering about authority or defending themselves against their future boss – or past boss, or potential boss, or one or both political parties. Do they even have time to do their work?

Hack Attack

Photo Source: Jared Tarbell – Creative Commons

Aside from the WikiLeaks rubbish – a mass of paperwork hacked which told us nothing useful and contained, as far as I can see, nothing along the lines of a smoking gun whatsoever – most attempts to gain access to a site are either to use it as a forwarding post for commercial purposes, or to gain data stored on the server, for commercial purposes. Everyone is out to make money, very few are in it for transparency or Freedom of Information reasons, not even WikiLeaks. They want to earn, and that can mean taking information out and sharing it – where all these addresses for spam mails come from – or putting stuff on and claiming money to take it off again.

Ransom is the new way to make money, with so many insecure servers around the world, and so much depending on a site which functions, or on a site which contains all the company information there is. A small piece of code which blocks the site, or which threatens to destroy its contents, and a complete multi-national concern could be at the mercy of that fat hacker – who is probably not fat, and not in Russia. Although, breaking and entering for the information contained is still quite popular, even for married couples in Italy!

There is no one fat hacker, and there is no one country which is responsible for hacking across the board. They come from all walks of life and all countries. They have different ideals and plans, mostly to do with making money, sometimes with a more political agenda. But if we concentrate on this idea of the fat Russian, we’re going to lose our way. Rather, we ought to concentrate on ensuring that our servers are secure – or as secure as is possible – and taking the malicious hackers out of service through judicial means. Prevention as much as anything, and then systems in place which trace and obliterate. Words are all fine and good, but action speaks louder.

  • Viktoria Michaelis.

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Seriously Guys: A Snowflake!

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 13, 2017 in Immoral Conversations |

It’s easy to understand those who make fun of the panic which arises every single year during the surprise outbreak of winter. You’d think most people had managed to grasp the concept of seasons, how the weather changes from rain to snow to fog to an occasional hint of sunshine. Sadly it doesn’t appear to be so, and thus we have a whole genre of fun-making.

I must admit, I do it myself. Every time when the shops have to close for one whole day, because of a public holiday which recurs every single year, I make fun of those who stockpile food and essentials. As if the shops weren’t going to open again!


Photo Source: Andrew Currie – Creative Commons

The same with weather. We can be reasonably sure that winter is going to reappear at much the same time year after year; that the weather is going to be either rain or snow; that spring will follow and, when we’re lucky, a warm summer. We can only be reasonably sure because, with climate change, things are not quite as settled as we might wish them to be. Snow in December, or even November, in northern Germany was once normal. Now we’re lucky if it snows mid-January.

In other parts of the world snowplows have been out and about, fighting their way through the mess so that everyone can get to work. People in London had a wonderful example of what it’s like struggling to get in to work recently, but not because of snow. A small strike by underground transport workers brought the usual stoic manners of the British out, and they still made it through.

So, this morning, when I noticed that a snowflake or two had fallen, but the sun was shining, I knew what to do. None of the panic, no rushing out to the shops to stock up on toiletries. I put on my warm mittens and my woolly hat, and brushed the snow from the sidewalk.

Just another day in white.

  • Viktoria Michaelis.

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