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I’m sure that this is something all of us, who dare to call ourselves Bloggers, have thought about at some time or another: advertising and sponsorship on or of our weblog. It certainly interested me at the start; mainly because I have seen so many good weblogs which carry advertising and which, if one is to believe what so many claim, can literally be claimed to be small businesses in their own right. Some people are able to live from the income on their weblogs and devote themselves full time to writing and reporting, as far as a weblog can be called a reporting medium. For me it was much the same; I thought it would be a good idea to make a little cash on the side – I’d never claim myself to be a full time Blogger – which would then help me in the future; pay for my further education and so on. Things are not quite as simple as they may seem.

It is claimed that there are one hundred million weblogs on the Internet at the moment. Of those many will be inactive or simply a means of communicating with family members. Some will be spammers weblogs; designed to take other people’s work, draw visitors to a site and then redirect them to a commercial site elsewhere. Some are very specific, such as political or business weblogs, and some are very general with hardly a set theme running through the posts. Yet others are updated irregularly and seem to be more the whim of a particular person rather than a hobby or means of communicating. The number of active, regularly updated and ‘real’ weblogs cannot be estimated.

Finding someone to advertise on your website is not as easy as it may seem for the beginner. There are plenty of agencies which specialise in such work, but the hurdles you have to jump across are often off-putting, unless you are a professional. As a basic starter, your weblog or website must have been online for quite some time: several of the agencies I took a look at demand a minimum of three months online activity before they will even consider you. Articles have to be published regularly; this is reasonably clear, otherwise the visitors who have found something of interest aren’t likely to keep on coming back for more. And, of course, the articles have to be of interest: well written; informative; enticing you could almost say. You need to be easily found on the Internet; just being listed in a few search engines without any form of Ranking doesn’t do the job at all!

Then comes the next set of hurdles, supposing that you are accepted. You need a high level of unique visitors, and a high level of returning visitors. Unless you’re in a niche market this is going to be difficult. This weblog is in such a niche market, but not yet old enough to be rated and, being so new, lacks also the high number of visitors required to make it interesting for the agencies. Many of the agencies are also not interested in my small niche because it revolves around Erotica and Sex, amongst other things, and this niche is automatically pigeonholed as pornography, regardless of the content.

Then there are the pay per post type of agencies. I must admit to being turned off by these people for a number of reasons: people writing such articles have generally no experience of the products themselves; they go to a website, see what is there and write two hundred words or so. I’d much rather have a product in my hand that I can really test out and approve before I recommend it to anyone. Secondly the requirement by some companies that the article be written and published before they approve or reject it.

For those with a real interest in such advertising and sponsorship there are plenty of agencies available; a quick search by any of the many search engines – or better by several of them – brings all the information that you need. What is important is that you read through the Terms and Conditions first, so that there are no sudden surprises when you’ve done all he work and they reject it.

For me advertising on this website is not something that I wish to follow. I don’t have any plans to plaster glittering boxes of this and that all over the place and, basically, ruin a good design! What  do plan, however, is to review items I have actually used or websites which have a real interest for me and, hopefully, my readers. That doesn’t exactly bring the cash rolling in but, for me at least, it is a more honest and forthright way forward.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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