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I started using the Internet very late in life, bearing in mind my age and when most people seem to start surfing. I had heard all the  stories about it, the surfeit of pornography; the lack of privacy; the dangers from stalkers and those who steal identities. None of this worried me especially, and it still doesn’t. I am relatively careful about what I reveal and have no plans to meet up with anyone who I happen to chat with in this massive cyber-world. With my new surfing pleasure came a mass of information I couldn’t have found anywhere else, and the realization that there is far more to this small world than what happens directly outside my front door.

Naturally I have made full use of the facility, both for my school work and as a means to expand my personal knowledge: I don’t just visit Twitter all the time or check out the joke pages for funny chat-up lines! In particular, as you can see from my links, I use it to find information which will help me improve my writing. But there is far more to the erotic side of the Internet than erotic stories, pornography and the like. There are countless sites which give useful personal information; guidelines and how-to tips, and that has sparked my interest more than anything else.

Obviously my interests are more attuned to the erotic side of life; even though my personal experience is extremely limited: fondling some one’s balls and having them jizz across my arm is not exactly the be-all and end-all of life! Reading erotic stories which comprise entirely of text is also not exactly the most enlightening part of learning; a writer needs to be able to visualize what is happening and put what they see down into words so that you, the reader, can also get a clear picture of what is happening. So I have naturally surfed a few more explicit sites which often have nothing to do with the erotic, more with blatant sex and pornography. There are some people who cannot use their imagination fully, and such sites are necessary in order that they can see what their fantasy cannot create.

So I was fascinated to read through this article on nude modelling (which has since been deleted), showing different poses and styles. I know that everyone who surfs has come across pictures which use these poses, but perhaps they hadn’t taken the time to consider how such pictures come into being or why the models twist themselves into often awkward poses for the camera. There are, of course, poses which are considerably more revealing; ones which leave absolutely nothing to the imagination but, to my way of thinking, they have little to do with the erotic and more with that blatant form of pornography for those without sufficient imagination.

I’m not sure whether I would ever model. It’s not that I have problems with my appearance, with my body and the way my curves have evolved as I grow older; more with the idea that people are going to ogle over my assets who I do not know; who I will never get to see (not that this is a bad thing!). Likewise I am not sure that I could strip on stage or perform a lewd pole or lap dance for a large audience. I have no problems imagining myself on a nudist or topless beach where everyone else is in the same state of undress; in fact, the idea is quite appealing. I just found it interesting to see a description of the various types of poses used my photographers and their models.

Perhaps I’ll come back to this idea in a later post, or in one of my stories. Suffice it to say, I am more interested in the erotic and less in the pornographic when it comes to pictures and photography because it sets my imagination going; and that is definitely something I will write about in the near future.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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