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The first thing that we need to clear up is that masturbation is not something one needs be ashamed of. Fair enough, it is also something that doesn’t get discussed in polite society, but that doesn’t mean that none of those people claiming to belong to this so-called polite society do not practice it! It is also not harmful, done properly, and no one is likely to either go blind or have strange things growing on their hands just because they allow their fingers, or a few well chosen toys, to do the walking.

In fact, masturbation can be one of the most satisfying forms of sex, since you can literally do whatever your fancy desires and have no need to discuss certain positions or acts with a partner who may be, and there are many who are, slightly timid when it comes to the sex act. The imagination plays a major role here, alongside the need to relieve certain needs and alleviate frustration.

Masturbation is, mainly, a very private matter although a sense of danger – the fear of being caught – can heighten the excitement. Not that I would recommend placing yourself in such a situation where you would be caught playing with yourself, but it does bring a new level to the whole.

Masturbation is also an act which is very underrated and, often, misunderstood. The stories of blindness as a result of masturbation, for example, must be known to most people and play on a person’s uncertainty as much as their feelings of personal confidence and understanding of their own body.

The first thing that must be stressed is that you should be in tune with your own body, and with your needs. Simply laying hands on and beginning is not going to get you too far. You need to plan in advance and ensure that all the things you are going to need are well within reach, properly prepared. You need to ensure that you are comfortable, not just physically but in your own mind. Feelings of shame need to be put out of your mind immediately: there is nothing to be ashamed about; masturbation is a natural and more than satisfying act of personal gratification. You need to be in the right environment; public masturbation can be fun and a great turn on, but there are consequences which I hardly need go into here should you happen to be caught out by the wrong people! You need to know your own body; not just where all the bits and pieces are but also which bits and pieces are most likely to bring you satisfaction and how you can manipulate them to reach that high point: the big O. You need to realise that what you are doing is, in the first instance, for yourself and that you alone are the person who can make everything right; make it work.

Mutual masturbation, playing with other people or another person, is also a very satisfying act, when you know that other person well enough. Showing your partner what you enjoy, what makes you achieve that big O, can bring a great deal to a sexual partnership; it can enhance the experience when having sex with another person in that they then realise exactly what you enjoy, what turns you on and what is more likely to bring you to ecstasy.

An excellent guide on masturbation for women is contained in this clear and concise post, which I highly recommend. There is also a good guide for male masturbation on the same site. My recommendation is that you read through both guides, and learn a little about what you can do for yourself as much as what you can do with a partner or for your partner and then, when the time is right, experiment. Experimentation brings the best results; helps you discover what your body needs and what you enjoy most. Above all, don’t be shy with your own body; don’t let timidity stand in your way. If you’re alone there is no reason to be shy. If you’re with a partner, be it male or female, knowing what you are doing with overcome any timidity that your partner might be experiencing. Above all, enjoy what you are doing without fear and don’t let these funny stories of pestilence and disease put you off in any way.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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