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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on June 30, 2010 in Internet |

I changed my WordPress theme. Well, that’s the obvious comment out of the way; obvious because everyone who comes here regularly to read my entries will have noticed it straightaway. But why change the theme so soon after starting the weblog?

It’s not that I was unhappy with China Red as a theme, but it had a bug which irritated me more than I can say. Whenever anyone wanted to enter a longer comment the template hidden behind the page scrolled up into the comments field, making the typed words hard to read. What appeared there had nothing whatsoever to do with the theme China Red, making me think that the developer of this theme had merely added a few changes to a standard theme and not done any of the necessary background coding to make it a pure original. I checked out another one of his themes, the one in use on his own weblog, and found exactly the same problem. A second problem I had with China Red is that the header section is far too big for my liking. The first displayed post is far too far down, almost hidden from view, and since weblogs are all about the entries I considered this a great disadvantage. If that massive header graphic had been half the size I would have kept it, and been quite happy with the effect, but for that irritating comment problem.

So I took a look at a few other themes available from WordPress and experimented with Kinyonga for a while. This is also a pleasant theme, simple and easy to use with a variety of backgrounds and headers available. I would have been happy with this theme too, but for another small bug which irritated me: the paragraph settings. I like my entries to be clear cut, simple and easy to read. Each paragraph is separated by a blank line, making the text easier to go through and not simply a mass of words without any breaks. I’ve never been able to enjoy websites were everything is lumped together and the eyes have no rest point. So this theme hit the trash can too.

There were a few others that I looked at, some with interesting themes, some with suitable layouts but, sadly, few with both. In the end I decided upon this theme – Desk Mess Mirrored – because it has both ease for the eyes and all the right coding to stop me feeling irritated every time I try to do something. Also, if you look at the envelope up on the left hand side of the header, there is a German stamp, and Germany is where I am going to be spending my exchange student year in Europe.

The wonderful thing about WordPress, the reason I decided to accept the advice I was given and start with WordPress straightaway, is that it has such a massive following and so many excellent designers working on themes. I know that there are other software resources out there, and I did take a look at a couple of them before coming to WordPress, but I must admit that the help I’ve received so far, the resources available and the ease with which I, an absolute newbie on the Internet, could go straight in and post made it the number one for me. Now someone merely needs to sort out their spellchecker so that WordPress doesn’t get highlighted as a wrongly written word every single time, and I’ll be happier than a pig in mud!

I am, however, a very fickle woman and the chances are that I will start looking for another theme in a few months time. There are so many themes available – over one thousand two hundred free themes on the WordPress site alone and countless more that can be bought – that I don’t think I will ever have the feeling my weblog looks boring or out-dated!

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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