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The following is an article I have submitted to (the now defunct) Adult Articles.

It is a strange feeling, opening your inbox and receiving an e-mail from one listing service or another rejecting all your hard work and effort with a few building-block lines: as if a computer had generated the rejection without the interjection from human beings. It is a feeling I have experienced many times over the last two months, since I began writing my weblog and submitting it to the search engines and listing services.

The reasoning behind the rejections is not always clear: the weblog is too new to be considered; the format is incorrect for the style of content; the weblog has adult content; the weblog has pornographic content. And yet it is merely a weblog containing my thoughts; my exploration of the world; my personal interests and, occasionally, desires. It is a sharing of experiences which others find interesting – the site statistics prove this – but which no one officially cares to recognise as existing or admit to having read.

That there is a demand for such adult weblogs is clear; otherwise no one would create them and no one would read their content. There wouldn’t be such a strong adult presence on the Internet if the demand wasn’t there. The marketplace regulates everything; the customer is King, or Queen.

I have discovered that it is necessary to work around the inhibitions of those controlling listings content. Rather than actively attempting to list my small weblog with the major listing services, I tend to surf the Internet and comment on other, often similar, websites with a link back. I ensure that all of my entries are sent without a listing to the updating services through automatic pings. I use StumbleUpon and Twitter as marketing tools. Above all, though, I am active and interactive, ensuring that content is regularly uploaded, is interesting, informative and original.

There are other means of getting your weblog out into the open, though: amongst them e-mail marketing and advertising; both of which I have decided against. The former because a mass marketing list tends to consist of addresses culled from dubious sources and with little or no possibility of success. It is far more likely that a complaint over mail content will find its way back to me, or that the mail I have so carefully constructed will be trashed unread, or find its way directly into the spam filter.

Advertising is also a dead end for such a weblog. Where can you place advertisements so that they have the best effect? A marketing firm needs to take on the task, with massive costs to the advertiser. Advertising for adult content appears only on other adult websites, and tends to find little resonance because, to be honest, those visiting these websites are interested in something else; something more gratifying and immediate. Clicking through to other sites is something of a rarity; the potential customers know what they are seeking and tend to have their set website favorites.

Another method is the guest contributor. There are now many websites and weblogs which invite contributions – such as AdultArticles247 – from those with an interest in writing on a particular subject, whether it be adult, technology or anything else one might desire. A well written article brings visitors to the author’s site, and offers of more. These websites tend to be listed on the main search engines and bring, through these listings, back links and attention to the author’s own website. Advertising, in effect, through working elsewhere.

One other thing has engraved itself in my mind; success requires a mass of effort and patience. If you are not prepared to work at what you wish to create, and in every available medium, through every field, you are doomed to failure or, perhaps worse still, predestined to remain in the shadows. The Internet is a massive commodity with a growing audience: it is tinged with excitement; tainted with bad press; taunted with a bad reputation; vilified by those still using older means of communication. But it is a force to be reckoned with, and a pleasure to use, a delight to explore.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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