Setting the Record Straight.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on June 28, 2010 in Absolute Hot!, Internet |

There’s something that I need to say just to make sure that a few visitors to my small space in the Internet don’t get the wrong idea. Those few visitors are the people who claim to run things around here; they are the people who control the listing services and decide whether a weblog is deserving of a listing or not; whether a listing fits in one or another category. This weblog is not pornographic. There, I’ve said it out loud and, hopefully, a few people will take note of this fact.

Now, when you read some of the entries here, particularly those in the Adult category, you might get a completely different impression. You might think that because someone writes about their sexual experiences it has to be pornography, Or when someone posts pictures of beautiful women, they must be pornographic. Much as I hate bursting a few bubbles, that simply isn’t so. There may be a fine line between erotic and pornographic, but I try to keep my entries on the erotic side of things. So you will never see any photographs here of women, or men, showing off everything that they have to offer in such a way that nothing is left to the imagination. What you will find are photographs such as this one:

which has far more to offer, to my way of thinking, than a photograph with everything shown in such a manner that nothing is left over.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at such pictures too, at the right moment. I enjoy the thrill of having something really explicit to feast my eyes on, but that isn’t what I want to do with my weblog. I want to have a few of our secrets left well hidden, perhaps as a form of foreplay for the mind, perhaps because I’m not sure that those who seek such explicit images are necessarily those who I want feasting their eyes on my words. This is, perhaps, something of a contradiction: when you read a few of my entries about my experiences or my fantasies you might get the impression that there is nothing other than pornography here. Perhaps we all need to settle down and define exactly what pornography is, and what we can call erotic. I can’t define your personal borders; what you see is not necessarily the same as what I see; your definition is different to mine. One thing is clear, though: enjoyment is a very personal thing and shouldn’t be dictated to by a few people who look at categories rather than content.

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  • kamrul says:

    thats relly a gud step to change the point of view of the ppl around…but i wud rather feel your contents(both image and the writings) to be more diversified in different culture and what environment they are living in around and how each culture feels of being erotic in their personal community…

  • viki says:

    Diversification is what makes a weblog worthwhile: anyone who concentrates completely on the one thought and never manages to get outside of its limited borders is doomed to failure! Of course different sections of society have differing viewpoints, especially when it comes to such things as sex, pornography, erotica and the like, and that is a good thing too; but why must some people be so limited in their thinking that they condemn someone according to their own lower standards and not let those who wish to see and experience make their own choices?

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