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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on August 28, 2010 in Internet |

How to win friends and influence people whilst on the Internet. The thought just occured to me, as I noticed a follow-up message on StumbleUpon, that some people simply do not possess the most basic of manners, intelligence or self-respect.

Now I realise that this is a given on the Internet: no one knows – or most people believe it is so – who you are when you log on and contact people. And everyone knows that you can do whatever you want at any time and no one is going to say anything against it. That’s fine by me, but some people really ought to take this strange belief out and air it for a while.

Take, as a fine example from the last few moments, the following conversation I had on StumbleUpon with a certain man calling himself Lobsterface. Yes, I have linked to him despite my normal policy of not naming people I become involved with, and you can see why from my short conversation with this ‘man’.

hey im andrew :)

I reply and say that I’m Viktoria and, having checked out his page, mention that I don’t play tennis. The start, as you can see, is fairly simple and shows a lack of real depth, but sometimes things improve.

lets just be friends then :P

That’s fine by me. I have nothing against making friends and have made many over the last few months, since leaving home. I agree in a few words and then:

where about in Germany do you reside? :)

Bear in mind that this *andrew* is German, English is not his first language. Even so, and although we haven’t chatted at all or said a word to one another in German which, since I happen to live here, any intelligent person would know I must be capable of both speaking and writing, I let him know that I am living near Bremen. This is a very wide area, basically covering the whole of northern Germany, and so reasonably safe for me. Had he asked for a more specific address, or my e-mail, I would have refused. As you all know, I enjoy my time with my Internet friends, but I’m not ready to meet any of them, and certainly not someone who has just sent me three messages and is male!

Still, it would appear that this isn’t a great problem since he replies:

oh, fuck that

which seems to me to be something of a refusal to carry on a simple conversation.

And the last message makes something else quite clear too. This is probably an Internet predator: getting in touch with people he finds who have a pretty picture; with women who obviously have a very open interest in the more intimate side of life. I can see that it wouldn’t have taken long, had I not lived in Bremen or thereabouts, before he would have suggested that we meet, for a coffee or a drink. Maybe more. After that, who knows. Perhaps I would have been found dead in a gutter somewhere.

Need anyone ask me whether he has been added to my Block list? I thought not.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Andrew says:

    Viktoria, it was a pleasure “meeting” you.

    I am American, NOT German.

    Well written article though.

    • viki says:

      Thank you for your comment. Since you’re also American I could almost criticize your use of the English language, but I know too many other people who haven’t mastered their own mother language fully. Your closing message to me, with the profanity, makes it clear to me exactly what you were after, and I just hope that others you contact in the future see it as quickly as I have too, not that anyone falls prey to your attempts at ‘meeting’ people. Perhaps you ought to consider a different approach in future.

  • paulbo says:

    What percentage of the people who contact you turn out to be rude, or offensive, or just plain jerks? Is it a small group, more than made up for by the friendly, personable, and intelligent majority? Or is it a significant number of people, threatening to drown out the positive messages of friendship, support, and camaraderie?

    • viki says:

      It is a very, very small percentage, I’m glad to say. In all I’ve felt it necessary to block two people on Twitter and three on StumbleUpon over the last three months or so, all male, which is probably less than a tenth of one percent of those who contact me. A fairly good record, all in all.

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