Lame Through Boredom?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 28, 2010 in Q&A |

I was trying to think how to word the title of this post – Lame Through Boredom – the other way round, so that the Boredom came first because it seems to me, and possibly to many others, that a few small people out there have nothing better to do than to surf, find something that gives pleasure to others and then run it down.

Now, I’m not going to claim that this Blog gives pleasure to the whole world, merely that some people do get pleasure from what they read and see posted here, and that is what makes the whole worthwhile. But I got a question through the mail today – through my Comments page – which had me sort of thinking, once I’d rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders a bit. It goes like this:

Clearly you’re a guy posing as a girl. Why bother?

Now, the first part is of little interest. I’ve heard it enough times, I’ve written about it and I’ve challenged a few people to come up with the proof. No one has been able to prove that I’m a man, which is hardly surprising considering that I’m not!

Then we have the question. Now, the title of this mail was simply Lame, the word – although I’d agree, the title is fairly lame too – nothing more. I don’t know what he was referring to with his comment – the question part – but I thought I might address it anyway simply because I’ve seen so many people on Facebook who claim to be bored.

This guy is obviously one of those with nothing better to do or, at the very least, without the imagination to find himself something to occupy his time other than surf a few sites, head in hands, and sigh at the never-ending boredom of it all. Perhaps he is also one of those who doesn’t realise that there is a real world out there, away from the monitor, and that you can turn a computer off now and then. Perhaps his brain has been addled by too many nights spent surfing through mediocre websites, or skimming over sites which stretched his limited capacities.

Why does he bother? Perhaps because he really doesn’t have anything else he’s capable of doing.

Why do I bother? Well, that should be clear by now. Aside from my hectic real life – which some have commented on when I’ve taken more than a few seconds to answer a message -  gain a great deal of enjoyment from writing my thoughts, presenting my discoveries, airing my opinion and generally reaching a small audience. I’ve turned my life upside down and started afresh, which not many people can claim to have done, and it has been, it is a wonderful experience. I enjoy sharing that experience. I enjoy the fact that I’ve found something else to do – my writing – which strikes a note with other people. Admittedly not with all, but who can appeal to everyone?

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Kaity says:

    There’s a lot of men who cant get over the fact that there are sexually cerebal women out there that they can’t own or conquer.

    So instead they will denounce or categorise them as being ‘men’ instead, that way they don’t have to get over the dreadful truth that they will never conquer you.

    Men have to conquer and own things, anything they cant they will just deface or devalue.

    Now before anyone jumps at me, I am a bi-sexual woman, so I like men as well as women, I am in no way anti-male but I am pro-truth :)

    The funny thing is that these guys are more than happy to crack one off to what you write, even though they have classed you as being ‘male’, which makes you wonder where their sexual equilibrium is?

  • Omar B. says:

    Blessed Love all ways, always!!! Good stuff, but the fact that men and women are categorized in ways as though there’s a lot of difference….well there are also similarities which all have to consider. We all need to eat, sleep shit, fuck and what not at some point in life….we all need to breathe in oxygen to survive…. The bone structure of all of us are in order, our cardiovascular and circulatory body needs to circulate. Thus, once you get the big picture of my perspective, then all the stuff written prior , is like helium, useless to the body, but good for ascending particles. To beg for proof, simply shows the little one knows, and the lack of faith, which needs no proof. Only an insecure person asks for proof, and has a line of defense.
    Presently, everyone in the world needs to wake up and smell the polarity change. Because, none of this is going to last…. But the righteous one, with a just and wise mind will, for such is forever eternal!!!
    Mass Love,
    Omar B.

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