Making Assumptions.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 27, 2010 in Adult (nsfw) |

It’s easy to jump to conclusions based on what you see, we all do it at some stage or another. Take, as an example, my profile photographs: people see part of the face of this beautiful woman – and she is beautiful, or she was very beautiful before the world of modeling and music began to change her – and assume that the rest must also be beautiful; from features through body right down to character.

Now take a look at the following photograph:

I posted this image quite a while ago on my Tumblr, but it is still drawing quite unwarranted attention. It’s easy to see why if you concentrate on just one or two aspects: she is wearing stockings and she has a naked butt.

Fine, I can understand why some people would be attracted when they just concentrate on these two aspects, when they make assumptions about what they are seeing. The assumption here is that the photograph is of a woman.

In fact, and I wasn’t away of this until quite a few days after I had posted the photograph – which is now several weeks ago – this is a man. Or, at least, it is a man who is either going through or has gone through a sex change.

Does this information change your opinion, alter your assumptions?

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Katharina says:

    The correct term would be man-to-woman transgender, not man, Viktoria. The procedure is termed gender-reassignment in english, which is not really correct. the german term GAO (Geschlechtsanpassungsoperation) is actually more precise, because the procedures and ultimately sequences of surgical procedures is an adaption of the anatomic gender to the psychological gender. the person has, after having gone through careful evaluations and tests been found to be woman psychologically (in your example). it is NOT by the way a psychological disorder.

    it is a matter of gender identity – opposed to gender orientation as in the gender you choose to share your libido with.

    you are right to point this apsect out for a very important reason: In my opinion, research of transgender persons will shed more light on gender questions/issues that are part of the feminist terminology and discussion. in my opinion, it will render most gender stereotypes nil.

    one aspect that is interesting is, that medical professionals assisting in gender re-assignment procedures point out, that one interesting observation they made is, that when hormone (replacement/suppression) therapies begin, the behavior changes very consistently along common gender stereotypes.

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