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Men think that they’ve got problems? Let me tell you a few things – without ranting against men – the tie which goes with that shirt and jacket, easy, just look in the mirror and see if they clash or not. Do the colors work with one another? Good, you’re done. Is it a formal or a casual occasion? Easy. You’re done. Black or white tie dinner or bistro on the corner? Easy.

There are reasons why you need to wait for us – and believe me, women waiting for their women lovers are just as bad at times! – we have a little bit more to consider. Such as?

Such as whether we’re going to provide the right impression for everyone else when it is probably your dinner, your occasion we’re escorting you to. Bistro on the corner? Not a great problem, when it’s just for us. Dinner in a smart restaurant with the Boss? First Night at the opera? We need a little bit of time.

And then there’s this to consider: How long will I need to get into this most beautiful creation?

Let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s going to take quite a bit of time and preparation. The same with many other wonderful dresses which have been photographed by Dan Howell on his superb website, and which had me watering at the mouth so much I needed a bib and a lot of restraint not to dive straight into my savings! My apartment is too small for all the dresses I would buy just from his photography – not to mention the amount of ready cash I have.

They are special occasion dresses, not for the bistro on the corner, but for that special night for two, for that going out and being seen occasion. For that really special night, and I mean really special, when you start getting ready several hours before everyone else gets up.

And there is another thing which we women need to consider: what else to wear? I don’t mean make-up or jewelry, that’s a task for itself; finding the right accessories to compliment and make a complete picture. There are the bits one doesn’t get to see, the bits which come after the special night just for two. And if you think that just choosing a single dress from this amazing collection is a problem, you’ve only got half the story!

This creation is an off-the-shoulder one, which means that my first thought wouldn’t work.

I mean, if you’re going to do it, why not go the whole nine yards?

And then I thought to myself, it’s a dress for a special night with that one person you wish to be seen with. I know that my lover, if I wore this creation, would let her golden red hair fall loose across a black suit or even tails – which can look so hot on a woman. An evening for two, no matter where or how many other people are going to be there so, something simple. After all, when we get home again all we’re going to want to do is relax with one another, perhaps drink a glass of wine, and then the evening can really begin. And that means:

And then the night would be perfect, as far as clothes are concerned. What happens after that, well, that’s a story still evolving in my mind.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Carl Hofflander says:

    Men or women who ‘want’ their girlfriend/wife to get dressed up really nice, but then get impatient are stupid. For that matter, even if they don’t care what they wear; they should still calm down and wait. Getting dressed up obviously makes the girl happy, so let her do what she has to do. Offer to help even. Unless she wants to do it herself for the surprise factor.

    Anyhow; here’s something to think about. Why can’t men get dressed up more. Mens dress clothes are simple. But what I mean is, if you’re at least somewhat wealthy; why not have multiple watches that go with different outfits. Tons of different looking cufflinks. A nice amount of shoes that actually look different (most mens dress shoes look the same, boring business black). ‘Most’ (that’s a nice word to keep from hurting the feelings of the very rare open minded good guys out there Victoria, I hope you’ll start using it. ‘The majority of’ and ‘a lot of’ also work nicely) guys are lazy lumps compared to the average girl. Girls spend a lot of time getting ready every morning just to go get the mail and some coffee, let alone going to a fancy party or event. And then there are these dudes that don’t even comb their hair, yet women put up with it and companies start selling products to ”achieve the look”. Bed Headers (as they shall now be called) are boring and lazy.

    Let’s get even more wildly insatiable with this train of thought. Why can’t men do their hair without being called Metro Sexual. I’m poor, buzz my hair like a soldier, and don’t go anywhere fancy; but I’m just saying. Look at the ancient war movies; the manliest warrior men spent time to make their hair look awesome, especially before battle. I’d love to have hair like Brad Pitt in the movie Troy. And I am Hetero Sexual by the way. The majority of men are closed minded prudes about everything though. Hey; why not make manly hair clips? Some kind of rad silver medallion with a lion head carved in it or something, slick your hair back and have that on the side of your head? Because your friends would call you gay while at the same time being insanely jealous of how good you look. What a dumb world we live in.

    In conclusion; keep up the nice blogging V-Money (your new knickname :D).

    • viki says:

      Perhaps it really does have something to do with manliness, this idea that men doing themselves for an evening is either Gay or not Them. Don’t ‘many’ if not ‘the majority of’ them make themselves fine before a first date, or to impress a new boss or a new female colleague? As to what they wear, cufflinks aren’t all that expensive and are mainly hidden by the jacket sleeves; shirts can look good without being expensive; a jacket doesn’t have to be new to look fine on a man. What I mean is, you don’t need to spend all that much to look good, just take a bit of time and care. And, yes, patience is a virtue more should cultivate.

      As to using certain generalizations, I tend not to, since there are enough men – and women – out there who really don’t fit intom a generalized picture at all.

  • Carl Hofflander says:

    Well; most guys really are jerks. It’s conformity to the mass mind. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like an LSD hippy talking like that, haha :P Those guys figure if they make it through the first few dates, they don’t have to care anymore. It’s arrogance; they think ”Once she realizes how epically awesome I am, she’ll be sooooooo in love with me”, then they think they can dress like a train jumpin’ hobo and be considered some kind of new ‘chic’ category made up by them. Hobo chic! Haha. And the sad thing is; the mass mind of self serving arrogance gets pushed along the gravy trains tracks by capitalist ‘inventors of chic’ propagandists and…….. this sentence is too ranty, I’m done :D

    I love reading your blog :) I sometimes wish you’d write more though. But I can tell that you put a lot of thought into the things you write, and I know as a writer that it takes time. So I won’t be greedy :)

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