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I was clearing out  a small backlog of erotic photographs from my computer to Tumblr just the other day and came across a sudden burst of memories. I’ve never really taken note of how many images have fired my imagination, or why they might have, until I took a look at some of the older ones and realised how much I have changed over the last year, certainly in a sexual sense. The seemingly innocent young woman longing for a glimpse of white panties, playing with herself in secret has grown into a woman who, filled with experiences in different countries, different cities with many different women (well, not all that many before you get the wrong idea) still hasn’t lost that first passion. there is still something very special about the feel of fresh white cotton, still something arousing about the thought of seeing, of touching.

Beautifully Erotic Women

Photo Source: unknown

I don’t think we ever really lose those original fantasy thoughts. They change with time, evolve with experience, but are still there in the back of our minds. Sometimes we come back to them again, as an almost fresh experience, later. And so it has been with me.

Despite the many changes in my life, and the changes brought about by my lover and our evolving passions, that innocence of white panties remains firmly entrenched in my mind, in my thoughts. Those days when I sought sexual relief by going to bed just in my panties, playing with myself as I saw visions of beautiful women I had never met playing with me, remain at the core of my sexual fantasies.

Beautifully Erotic Women

Photo Source: unknown

Despite our closeness, I haven’t talked about these sexual fantasies with my lover, which may be strange but does have a reason. A fantasy is no longer really a fantasy once you’ve experienced it. It becomes a reality, a part of your real life. There is something wonderful about the fantasy world where, depending on your thoughts, emotions, mood, you can change what happens at will. You can swap partners in your imagination, alter the surroundings, play with the conversation and the course of events. The ending, of course, remains pretty much set in stone: sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Having talked about it, though, having played out the fantasy as a reality, everything becomes a memory which cannot be changed; something which will always be there in one form or another. You (or I) might use this memory again as a stepping stone to further pleasures, but it cannot be changed, cannot really become what is isn’t without you lying to yourself, without the reality impeding in some form or another.

Perhaps that is why I don’t really discuss my fantasies with my lover, why we don’t really go into the nitty-gritty and play the game along those lines. It would be the loss of something really personal, something which is an integral part of me, or of her.

Beautifully Erotic Women

Photo Source: unknown

Not that we don’t live our fantasies out; there are always times when we just want to try something, when we decide to run a little story line through together and see how it ends up or, to put it slightly better, see how we get to the ending we wish.

But for me, the fantasy with the white panties, the short skirt, the glance hiding a thousand meanings and those precious moments when I play with my fingers through the fresh white cotton, they will always be too personal. They will always be that fallback option for when I am alone – although that doesn’t happen too often – and just feel the need.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Ken says:


    Though we look at the world from different sides of the fence, I’m amuswed by how much we think alike. I also have a great love of white cotton panties. There is something so innocent about them. I also remember just trying to get a glimpse of them. Isn’t amazing how much alike so different people can be?

  • Francois Demers says:


    Although we look at the world with different pair of eyes, you hopefully with yours, me usually with mine except when the chlorpromazine hits, I am stunned at how much we do not think alike. I do not care at all for white cotton panties.

    Is it not amazing how two people who are 98,7% identical genetically can be different?

    Doing my bit for information entropy.

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