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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on August 24, 2011 in Q&A |

There are some question which i enjoy receiving, not just because they are interesting, more because they get me to think and, sometimes, lead to interesting conversations. This question, which I am going to try and answer from my personal point of view, is one which probably won’t lead to a longer conversation, but which did give me pause for thought.

I am curious as a regular hetero-male what a woman, and in your charming case, what is considered attractive pussy? Or perhaps the question what in general is considered an attractive pussy. I realize – and I sure you do as well- one can say each to his/her own but surely there must be a broad general way of saying this is beautiful because…

I think mainly because I’ve never actually considered it: what do I find beautiful; is there a specific form or shape or whatever; does it depend on other factors too?

First of all, yes, I am sure that everyone has their own preferences, their ideal shape and form, size and so on. We all have our preferences over the surrounding form too; the quantity of hair being the main point for many. As my regular readers here know, shaved is my preference but short cropped is also more than acceptable. That said, with the right person I’m not going to send them off to the bathroom before we get down to the nitty-gritty!

Every single person is an individual, even twins. By this I mean not just the form of their bodies, but their minds, reactions and emotions too. We all gather individual experiences through our lives and these set our own thoughts, opinions and the direction we wish or have to follow through life.

So it is with the form, the appearance of our vagina, of our pussy. Each has a different shape: some have larger lips; a protruding clitoris; different points for and levels of sensitivity. From this point of view it is almost impossible to say ‘Yes, this one’ or to really describe the ultimate in beauty, merely our own preferences.

And it is not just the first impression. We change according to what is happening; blood flows into the more sensitive areas when we are aroused; we become wet; we expand and contract through the act of lovemaking, through the thought of lovemaking. A woman who has been through childbirth has a different form to one who has not. Someone who wears tighter clothing may force changes, albeit probably only for a short while.

My own personal preferences? Well, as I wrote above, with the right person it makes no real difference; everything is an adventure, a chance to learn something new, an experience. However, given the choice I would go for the art and style I have illustrated: shaved, compact, perhaps tight, if you understand what I mean.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Carm says:

    Hi Viki, Sorry for taken so long to thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Also, thanks much for considering it.
    You may be interested in knowing the back story to do the question. I was at a strip-club and told a very attractive stripper she had a beautiful pussy and she replied by asking what do you find attractive about it. Your answer on your blog pretty much says it all: compact, shaved, and an inviting personality all on its own. Mind, I also enjoy seeing and be in contact with one with sensual lips and soft pink coloring.
    I am surprised you did not mention scent which I am certain you know can also be very appealing and adds to the attraction.
    I write erotic fiction and poetry and am always looking to find new and positive ways to describe men & women’s genitals in a pleasing, sensual away without slipping into cliche, clinical language, or vulgarity.
    Thanks again. Keep up the good work.
    Stay well,

    • viki says:

      Of course, I could have described scent as well, and perhaps I should have done just that. It is as individual as the person. Had I begun on scent, though, I would undoubtedly have moved on to taste, and then my short post would have been twice as long ….

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