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There are times when you look at your bedroom, all clean and tidy with fresh sheets and the bed properly made, and wonder why. Why go to all the trouble of  making your bed each morning when  all you’re going to do is mess the sheets up later that night and when, for some, no one else gets to see your efforts anyway? This was a question I would often ask myself when I was younger, while I was still living at home. And still, each afternoon when I got home from school, my bed would be made and, even if not everything had been cleaned away for me, my small domain would still look a little bit habitable, a little bit as if someone had taken the time to sort things out and to bring order to my world.

It took me a long time to appreciate that it has nothing to do with anyone else getting to see where I spend my nights. True, it could always happen that I meet up with someone and we rush back for a little bit of bedroom fun, but that is more now and not then. Then I was still living at home, and I can’t imagine me telling my Dad that I’d brought a girlfriend back with me and we were just going off to my bedroom for a few hours to do the dirty, if he wouldn’t mind leaving us alone for a while! Had I been that way inclined I doubt that I would have brought a boy back there either ….

I’m not going to tell you that I’ve become a fetishist for cleanliness and order, even though I’ve already described my preferred cleaning methods, but just something that I’ve discovered over time. I live in my own apartment. I’ve shared it with two other women, one of whom was a little bit messy – she was still very young – the other orderly and precise. It is my own little part of the world, the part where I spend a good deal of my time. I enjoy keeping it clean and tidy for many reasons.

Yes, there is always the possibility that we will have visitors. There is always the possibility that someone else is going to come into our bedroom – perhaps for more than just a quick look! – or that we will leave the door open when we have visitors. But it is something more than that. I enjoy the feeling of clean sheets.

There is nothing better – apart from a good shower – than slipping between crisp, fresh linen after a hard day at work and feeling the coolness on my bare skin. It is almost as refreshing as that longed-for shower, as cool water spilling over my body and cleansing me of the dust and grime carried in from the outside world. And it may well be that we will rumple up the bedclothes for an hour or two before falling into a well deserved and satiated sleep, but that isn’t the point; it’s that first feeling as you climb in, that first impression.

Oh, and if I had the chance to slip between the sheets with the most beautiful model Carlina – it is well worth taking a look at the photographic work of Stan Schultze while you’re at it – I don’t think that I would hesitate for a moment.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

Photo Source: Stan Schutze, model Carlina.

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