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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on September 25, 2011 in Internet |

I don’t know what it is, but Firefox is beginning to get on my nerves a little bit.

The problem at the moment is viewing my own Blog, right here, this site that you are reading right now. The Theme I use is one which I really love, it is perfect for what I write – a messy sort of layout with coffee, letters, a pen and even a mobile phone (the only the thing which doesn’t fit for me, but still). It is clear and easy to read, well laid out, doesn’t distract from the content.

The thing is, with Firefox, despite all of its advantages, I haven’t been able to see the Theme, the complete layout, properly for a while. The images at the top – the Header Images – just do not seem to want to load properly. With Internet Explorer, everything is there. I can see the phone, the coffee cup, the letters and everything. With Firefox they are just a splotch of colors because the images haven’t loaded properly.

None of us, and I am sure that I can speak for everyone who has a website on the Internet, wants their work to appear in anything but the best light. We all want visitors to come to a perfect site, find their way around easily, read and enjoy. But when the first impression – at least with Firefox – is one of a badly produced Theme? When the first impression is one of a site where the owner hasn’t kept everything working as it should? Not too many people will stay and take the trouble to look any further, and that defeats the object completely.

Perhaps it really is time to start looking at another browser and move on from Firefox. Except, that only helps me when I check out my own Blog. That about all the other people who use Firefox and come here for a little bit of pleasurable reading?

And perhaps, moving on with my thoughts, I have been a little bit too brash with Tumblr recently. You see, quite a few of the images on various PhotoBlogs haven’t been loading properly either, and I’ve been blaming Tumblr and their servers. Is that fair? Perhaps not, perhaps the problem lies with Firefox.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Becca says:

    it seems to be working fine for me. what version are you running? I know they often put out updates which resolve.. or create issues. but I can clearly see everything at the top (which I always thought was cool btw) in version 6.0.2

  • laowai2 says:

    I’m on 6.0.2 also and everything seems fine. Is there anything in options causing the problems? I disabled pop-ups and it caused all kinds of problems with some sites.

    • viki says:

      I hadn’t thought about the pop-ups bit, but that shouldn’t do anything with my site, since I have no pop-ups at all and it is just the theme which seems to have problems. Well, at the moment there are no problems, but …..

  • Francois Demers says:

    Not IE, not Firefox: Google Chrome is the answer (and the question is “Do I want to indenture myself, my friends and my descendants to the 7th generation to Google Inc.?” But Google Chrome does have the advantage of being very fast and not overcrowded with add-ons.

    If the problem is local (it probably is), try emptying your cache (ctrl=shift-delete) or reloading your site fully in Firefox (shift-click the reload button).

    To test, try launching Firefox in safe mode. If you see your site the way it was designed, then there is a Firefox add-on messing with your header.

    IE can be slower than molasses flowing uphill. Not recommended.

    If you are concerned about your reader seeing your site correctly, changing the browser you use will achieve very little unless you invite us all to your home to take a look.

    About Tumblr, I met Rich Tong (FD, Tumblr) in Paris Monday. Yah, you’re in trouble… No way the browser you use has anything to do with uploading files.

    • viki says:

      I suspect it is my browser as far as looking at my site is concerned, but the latest update seems (seems) to have removed the problem. As to Tumblr, a bit of both; I find that some of the Tumblr servers take longer to load than others and then only load partially. Sometimes a reload solves the problem but not always.

  • laowai2 says:

    Me and my big mouth. Having said I’m having no problems with Firefox 6 it now seems to be very slow and keeps apologising for crashing!. Is Norton interfering with it I wonder? My laptop invited me to update to Firefox 7 but so far my pc has not. I concur with Francois, I hate the insdiousness (is there such a word?) of Google but have to admit it is fast….and I’m happy to have auto translate back. Firefox lost the Google tool bar.

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