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I read today that someone, forgive me for not remembering who it was but I suspect it must have been a man, believes that shaved is overrated. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with this opinion, although he is perfectly welcome to hold it, simply because I haven’t seen any rating system anywhere which has asked for preferences.

Now, I may well be wrong here, perhaps there is a poll which has been conducted somewhere, or research (with government funding?) to see exactly what the best is, what most people prefer, what we should all be following but, in my humble opinion, and based upon my own preferences and on the job research, shaved is the way to be.

Of course, this is a very personal opinion although I know that many other people share it. It’s not a matter of hygiene, although that undoubtedly plays a role too, more of feeling. There is a certain  level of innocence, of openness, of freshness involved. There is nothing quite like seeing, exploring, enjoying a well shaved, absolutely smooth pussy (or whatever you care to call it) and being able to concentrate completely on what you wish to do without worrying about whether hair is going to get in the way, without feeling the harsh brush against your fingers or mouth.

For me, as a shaved woman, it is also considerably more comfortable. I can wear anything that I wish without having to constantly adjust, check that nothing is poking out, wondering whether I should have left more or removed more. We all know the landing strip; that wonderful idea designed to allow women to wear any form of bikini on the beach without strands sticking out here and there and looking messy, and we all know the bush; everything as nature made it, all over the place. I’m sure many of us know the little patterns too, the heart shapes, the triangles, the snips and snaps here and there so that it looks interesting.

Interesting is fine, but it isn’t the whole thing. No one is really going to sit down and laud over your pubic hair shapes, they really are interested in something else!

Fine, it means a little bit of extra work in the mornings, making sure you don’t have a five o’clock shadow around your bits, but the effort is worth it in the long run! If someone is going to spend half an hour – or more – giving you pleasure, the last thing that they want is a hair-rash on their face, or raw fingers!

But it is a personal thing more than anything else. This completely naked feeling, this baring of all. And, as I mentioned, comfort. But each to their own.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Outta Control says:

    do you feel the same way about men?

    • viki says:

      Bearing in mind that I am a lesbian and do not have anything to do with the nether regions of the male body … it makes precious little difference to me personally. However, I can well imagine that anyone performing oral on a man would find a lack of hair far more comfortable or, at the very least, well groomed and cropped hair. Bear in mind, whether male or female, for the best tongue work you need to put your face rather close to the bits and pieces of your partner, so a comfortable landing place – let’s say – is best!

  • laowai2 says:

    From a male point of view I don’t like a forest and I don’t like stubble. Other than that I’m easy. Ethnicity seems to play it’s part in the coursness and quantity of the hair. Blondes seem to have it easier.

  • peggy sue says:

    i agree completely. a woman looks better with no hair there. and it is much nicer when doing oral or masturbating. my gf had never been shaved until she met me and i persuaded her to try it. she did and now she prefers it too. and i am so glad of that.

  • Francois Demers says:

    You suspect the original poster to be a man? Then I would have to agree with him: shaved men are overrated. Unshaven too, equally.

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