There Are Limits.

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I had a short conversation with someone on Tagged today – a male, as it happens, and a continuing conversation over several weeks at that! – over a form of bias. He was of the opinion that I go against men far too hard, almost to the point that some people might think I hate them, on this Blog. I must admit that I don’t see it that way, although I will admit that I have used conversations and messages from men in this Immoral Conversations category than from women.

There is a simple explanation for that: I have rarely had such a conversation, such a first message, such a discussion with any woman, regardless of which forum or social platform you care to name. It is a fact of life.

Not that there haven’t been any: just the other day I had a message from a woman which, in the space of a few minutes, turned into her requesting nude pictures of me – there was really nothing else in the messages at all – and then disappearing when I told her that I simply don’t do that sort of thing, and that I don’t have any to send.

The thing is, while I was having this conversation – over my bias – I was holding another conversation with a young woman from Germany. A perfectly innocent conversation, initially. The usual questions about what we’re doing at the moment, what we’ve done recently and so on, with her telling me that she is babysitting her brothers and sisters at the moment – aged 9 to 14.

Nothing wrong with that, you may say, and you’d be right. Although, the conversation takes a sort of strange twist when she tells me she likes to shower and go in the sauna with them. Sort of strange because there are families who go in the sauna together, maybe they have their own sauna at home, I don’t know, and showering together doesn’t necessarily mean all at the same time.

Perfectly innocent:

ja und was ich für ein glück habe ich gehe oft mit meinen geschwisern duschen oder in die sauna

translates as: yes, and I’m lucky enough that I can shower and go in the sauna with my brothers and sisters quite often.And the follow up question of whether I did the same when I was babysitting, which I answered, in all innocence, with a no. Most times when I was babysitting the children were already in bed or only needed to be sent to bed.

But then:

ja wie alt waren die kinder den wast du auch mit den baden oder duschen

translates as: how old were the children you went into the bath or shower with. babysitting is, for me, looking after children who are too young to be left alone, and I’d already said I didn’t need to bathe or wash them. Perhaps a simple misunderstanding but for this:

und hat dir es gefallen so kleine pimmel zu sehen haben sie den auch einen steifen bekommen

translates as: and did you enjoy seeing little dicks, did they also get an erection. This, as anyone with an ounce of commonsense will appreciate, is a completely different direction. I could almost sense what was to come, but simply replied that it hadn’t applied to me, and that I’m into women; women who are adults.

achso naja ich mag es wenn meine brüder und schwesten nackt sind wir spielen oft an uns rum

translates as: I like it when my brothers and sisters are naked and we play around.

Fine, all children play around in the nude at some time in their lives, there is a certain innocence involved which no one wants to take away too early. Don’t forget, however, one of her brothers is 14 and she lists her age as being 19. Perhaps a certain age has been reached when that isn’t quite the same as childhood innocence?

wir sind auch oft nackt und dann holen wir unseren brüder immer eine runter  bis er kommt wir haben so viel spass zusammen

translates as: we’re often naked and then we masturbate our brother until he cums and have a lot of fun together.

I must admit, the limit was pretty much there when she mentioned small boys with erections, although I don’t doubt that such occurs and there is nothing wrong with that providing it is in all innocence and no one else is ‘helping’ him along. Young boys do get erections, even babies get erections; perfectly normal. But the rest….

Sorry, but the rest is something that I have no real desire to consider.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sex and I enjoy being masturbated as much as the next person. However. We’re talking about under aged children here, about brothers and sisters, about incest, about child abuse.

ja was ist daran so schlimm ich habe ja nichts schlimmes gemacht nur ihn einen runtergeholt wir haben nicht miteinander geschlafen oder auserdem wollte er es doch

translates as: what’s so bad about that, I haven’t done anything bad, just masturbated him, we haven’t slept together or anything and he wanted me to.

How many child abusers come out with this justification for their actions? the child wanted me to, no matter how old it might have been. There’s nothing bad about it, because the child wanted to be abused, wanted to have sex.

Sorry, but I don’t see it that way at all. Not even close. An under aged child is under aged, simple as that.

Fine, a 14 year old probably would have enough knowledge of sex and his own desires to wish to be masturbated, to have someone pet and play with him, the same goes for a woman of that age. However, a normal 19 year old must know the difference, must know what is right and what is wrong and where to draw the line.

And then to write about it with someone she doesn’t even know. The most basic level of stupidity going.

It makes no difference to me whether a person is male or female, I am happy to write about failings, successes, joys, pain regardless of gender.  There are limits though, and the limit here has been crossed by a very long margin.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Becca says:

    I agree. there is innocence and then “innocence”. too often people, male or female, seem to justify their actions by pleading the second type. which always seems to be more of self convinced fantasy world where they are doing the child a “favour”

    and they are always just “helping”. the issue is they always seem to be primarily “helping” themselves.

  • Oliver says:

    I agree. there is innocence and then “innocence”. too often people, male or female, seem to justify their actions by pleading the second type. which always seems to be more of self convinced fantasy world where they are doing the child a “favour”.

  • Pixter says:

    Rationalising unlawful use of power is a teutonic characteristic that decimated Europe twice last century.

    • viki says:

      Not that this comment has anything to do with the post whatsoever, as far as word powers are concerned. Even so: the woman concerned does exercise a certain form of power over her siblings, although the eldest is 14, and it was he – I assume – who was abused. Whether this will result in him growing up to be a dictator is another matter entirely.

  • Dace says:

    I am just wondering where you meet such strange people? I would report this girl to authoritites as this is so wrong on so many levels.

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