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I guess I’m too young to really appreciate the difference, the Internet has always been there for me – even if I was a late starter – and social networks, digital photography, promoting yourself too. However, I do know that there are some who regret the advances in technology, especially when it comes to keeping photographic memories for the future.

Although I have heard that the Internet never forgets, I’m afraid thast I disagree to a certain extent. The Internet only remembers – or whatever you care to call it since the Internet doesn’t have a memory as such, it is merely a means to show other peoples’ memories – that which remains on a server somewhere and is available for all to see. The Internet never forgets so long as someone can find what it is that they’re seeking; eventually many things which we see today will simply disappear, along with the people who created whatever it is, and some people will breath a sigh of relief.

Perhaps that is a good thing. I can well imagine that there are some who, having uploaded their digital photographs, or had their cellphone hacked, raped, whatever you care to call it, and their more intimate personal memories laid open for others to see and enjoy, may regret the longevity of the Internet. They may well wish that the Internet disintegrated slowly, like old magazines, and that the photographs would fade into oblivion.

What seemed like a good idea at the time, a little bit of fun, can become something of a burden in later life, especially for those who have a potential employer who – whether it is allowed or not – surfs through the Internet in search of background information on applicants for employment.

It’s not as if those albums of photographs are likely to fall into anyone else’s hands quite as easily, but who prints their photographs these days? Who sticks their memories in a book to browse through later on in life, or to show their grandchildren? Everything is online, from memories to random thoughts, from biography to history, and not all of it is suitable for the family gathering around the turkey at Thanksgiving!

We’ve got social sites, ex-girlfriend sites, jailbait sites (sadly), and now clouds are being promoted so that everything is instantly available to anyone with the right access, even if these clouds are really just a folder on a server somewhere and, really, nothing new at all.

Good memories and bad, for all to see. For me all these photographs – on this post and others – are memories for me, ones which I enjoy sharing even though they are not really mine. They are thoughts and desires captured through the images of other people, unposed, free of restraints, natural. They are the way we see people in real life – albeit not always without their clothes!

And there are times when I think, perhaps I ought to join in; perhaps I ought to allow others to see what I have to offer just the same as I show what other people have revealed of themselves.

If I did, then this last photograph would be more my style, because a girl has to have some small secrets she doesn’t need to share with the world.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

Photo Sources: Tumblr (1, 2, 3, 5), fotosik.

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