Intimate and Discreet.

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It took me a long time to decide what to call this post, not because the idea for its contents wasn’t there – the idea has been forming in my mind for a couple of days now and was spurred on by recent events, which I shall explain – but because I needed something short and snappy which covered pretty much everything I want to say easily without giving too much of the plot away.

You see, these two words used together can mean so many things. It can be a relationship between two people thing. Perhaps a description of me, at times. Or it might refer to one of those wonderful little toys we women love to carry around in our bags because they are small, but very effective (you do know what I mean!).

First off, let me say that it doesn’t refer to relationships between two people who, for example, work together but don’t need anyone else knowing that they also have a more intimate relationship. And it also doesn’t refer to me, no matter what I may write here! Nor, sorry to say for those of you who were hoping for a little indiscretion over intimate things, does it refer to toys.

Believe it or not, I am thinking of something completely different, something which – just because it should be so intimate and discreet – probably never entered your mind. It can to my mind again just the other day simply because a really anti-social woman – around my age, so what can I say? – decided to use her talents to upset a large number of people with a very simple action. I’ve experienced it before, and probably commented on it here, and I sincerely hope that I am not going to experience it again.

She sprayed herself with perfume.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all, I’m sure you’re thinking, everyone woman uses perfume. Many get all hot and bothered when they see perfumes, rather like some do for shoes, and this time of year is definitely the perfume-giving season when nothing else comes to mind – alongside lingerie, but that is yet another intimate and discreet something I am not writing about!

I say that she sprayed herself with perfume. Let me go into a little bit more detail. We were in the bus and had a good hour travelling before us. She, and her two little teen friends, had obviously been using up their Christmas gift vouchers and had bought all those things the really inexperienced woman just must have. As I say, they were about my age. But she didn’t just take a quick drop of this stuff…

… she sprayed it in such a way that we all got to share the scent – and I use the word carefully – and we would all probably get to share this same scent with everyone we got to meet for the rest of the evening. To be honest, I felt like asking her whether it had cost 50¢ the gallon, because that’s what it smelled like!

The Elizabethans might have used perfumes to cover up their lack of hygiene in high society, we use it today for other reasons. To me, a perfume is something we have mainly for ourselves, it makes us feel good to have a little bit of scent behind the ears, maybe a dab between our breasts. In more intimate circles, a dab further down, but we’re not going there either!

I think of perfume as something to be shared in intimate moments when a person that you really love is close to you – physically – and only the two of you can sense it. I think of perfume as being an enhancement, a mixture of flowers, of herbs and spices, of fruits. Spraying it on is a bit like the aftermath of a car-wash: clean and overpowering in its cleanliness. It’s a bit like breaking the bottle and catching every drop on your body before any hits the ground.

The best perfumes are subtle. They waft through the air and give you the slightest hint of something special. They don’t grab you by the nose-rings and lead you into some arena like a Spanish bull. The best perfumes should be handled with care – quite aside from thinking about what they cost! – and with discretion. The manner in which a woman uses her perfumes says as much about her as the perfume itself. No one needs to  smell like a backstreet brothel (not that I know…) in order to attract or inspire someone else. Perfumes are an enhancement, an addition, something which adds to the personality, to the over all impression. They are not the ambassadors, the pioneers fighting through to the front.

Perhaps, when they can afford more than smelly water, when they’ve lived life a little bit more, added a few years to their life experience, they’ll realize. Perhaps. Or perhaps they’ll go the other way and, at forty, still believe that a strong smell attracts, and attract those who either don’t have a sense of smell, or are on the same level of social abilities and need such things to give them a hint of future promises.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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