Looking Forward – 2012.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 26, 2011 in News & Opinion |

Face it, only a few more days and we’ll be cleaning up the mess from our New Year’s celebrations and wondering where 2011 went. For some people the year 2012 already seems to have begun, judging by the number of reviews of 2011 I’ve seen – and they began in November well before the year was even over! Bloggers – myself included – hardly need to write about the past year: after all, we wrote about it while it was happening and all we wrote is still there to be read again. So what can we think about now? The New Year, of course, even if, for some, it is still a little bit early!

What is going to be big this coming year? I suspect that this small matter is going to hit the headlines more and more on the American continent, and with good reason.

The fact that GoDaddy may possibly have changed its stance on SOPA – and I choose my words very carefully here – is not going to have a great deal of effect on what politicians do. The fact we have all been annoyed with China, and the Great Firewall of China, for its obvious attack on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information through blocking many websites and domains which allow information and commentaries critical to the Chinese government – the Party – is not going to make a great deal of difference. We all know that politicians say one thing when it comes to other countries and their freedoms, their level of democracy, but do something completely different when it comes to our own. We are, they say, and many believe, protected by the Constitution. But the Constitution is not what it was, the amendments which keep pouring out of the government treadmill have reduced it to something considerably less than was originally intended, even if those who signed it, those who wrote it with the best will in the world, could never have imagined what our world would be like.

The Constitution is a fine idea but, even when it was being lauded as a new move into the world of the future, it has never been something followed as intended. Even those who signed it didn’t uphold the principles and the ideal in their own lives, so how can we expect people, removed by several hundred years and a completely new society, to uphold the ideal, to live according to what they say and claim to believe?

So many promises, so many good words, and still we have a world left over where individuals, claiming that they are merely following the rules set down by others, can abuse their positions of power, can interpret as they see fit. We live in a world, theoretically changed through terrorist actions over ten years ago, where the true people terrorising us are full-bloodied citizens of our own country, where a cupcake is the greatest threat that they can find. And we still claim to be the Land of the Free, putting those who we do not wish to be free outside our jurisdiction and, at the same time, blasting those who do exactly the same for their abuse of freedoms, for their lack of respect for the Rights of Man.

And what of our values? What of our way of life? Will it be any better in 2012 or are we going to continue along the same road, looking neither left nor right to see what else is possible?

There was a time, I am told, when everyone looked to the United States as the role model for the rest of the world. Now, I have the impression, many look to see what is happening and what they should not do, where everything can go wrong. The fact that many politicians still believe this to be the case, that the United States is the leader in everything good and beneficial, says a good deal about our way of life too. We live in a world where rose-colored glasses are practically issued at birth, and it is only when we get out, when we see our world through the eyes and experiences of others, that we see where the problems are, what we are doing to ourselves.

But in order to do that, in order to look back in from the outside, we need to get past the TSA first and that, believe me, should be our very first hint that all is not well with our world, that what we have, what we and our ancestors have tried to build, is more the design of a very bad architect, a mad scientist, than an integral world where people can live and be happy.

So here is to the American Dream in 2012. If you have a chance, step back and look at it from the sidelines and then – especially you politicians (By the People, For the People) – bring it back to where it should be. The New Year should be, to my way of thinking, a time to find the right course again, to correct, to amend, and to do that for which we have set ourselves.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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