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I may well have mentioned it, maybe here, maybe somewhere else: I now have a Google Plus profile. Don’t all rush at once, there’s plenty of time and my profile is still very small and young and needs a lot more work doing to it before it really has any meaning and it is really meant for completely other things to all the other social media profiles that I have and use. It is, as I commented to someone, for the more intelligent side of life. It’s not for the OMG!!!, hmu, lms, boooorrrreeed!!!! or hi sexy! brigade at all. Nothing like Tagged or Facebook, more serious and, for me, considerably more interesting. The intellectual things with conversation, discussion and real, in depth, interesting exchanges.

At least, that’s what I have planned. Whether it will end up that way depends entirely on me and how I handle it, who I decide to have in my circles, who I respjnd to, what I say and do. Which basically means that it is going to be what I want it to be, and have little influence from those I listed above, little input, little interference.

Plans can go wrong, of course, and Google Plus is no exception to the golden social media rule: where people come together, fools gather. An example.

Sarah Perez wrote an article – linked through her Google Plus profile – on TechCrunch about Apps. We all know what Apps are, and regular readers will know that I have no need to Apps, only widgets! The link on Google Plus attracted many comments – more than those on TechCrunch when I came to see it, but that might have changed now – including one from me.

I wrote: Am I unusual in that I don’t even own a cell? which all my regular readers well understand; there are good reasons why I don’t have a cell.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to know these reasons since I don’t imagine that the whole world and their dog has read my post explaining why. However, some people do seem to jump to conclusions rather faster than their brain functions and the following ‘conversation’ ensued not, I hasten to add, with Sarah Perez:

then how old are you

Me: I’m 19 – but there are other reasons why I don’t own a cell. It just makes me feel strange when people try to get my number and I say I don’t have a cell, like I’m from another planet.

that is OK just go with the flow u know and maybe your parents don’t want to let u go trust me add me as your friend a we can talk more you know about this thing that your parents don’t want you to have i am a girl like u and i am boy crazy so maybe we can talk a little more and see how far it gets u

Me: Interesting thought, but the ‘other’ reason why I do not have a cell is far simpler than that. I am a mute and, not being able to talk, a cell seems relatively pointless.

As to my parent(s) not allowing me: I am away from home (the States) in Germany, studying. I left home just after my 18th. I have considerably less restrictions in my life than you can imagine.

did u have me as your friend your in a different country get a job and go and sign up for a phone plan or get a pre paid phone and then when you are out just go sign up for a real phone contract for real that is a really good idea right!

Me: Perhaps you ought to take this conversation over to a different channel, rather than filling up what is an interesting entry by someone not involved in this conversation – which is well off topic – at all. But, before you do that, how about reading my comment (I’m a mute, I can’t talk) above and toning down the ‘get a job’ stuff?

wtf that is your fault u dont have a phone or dont have a job broke butt

I’m leaving this conversation, you can understand that I am sure, and don’t bother replying. Which doesn’t stop her:

gosh i did not mean to hurt you like thaT SORRY i did not mean it like that so please i am very sorry please dont take it personal i would never do something like that to anybody i am very sorry and I was just giving you some advice

Fine, I accept it, no matter where you go there are the same sort of people around. I’ve had it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tagged and Tumblr at some time or another and, of course, here too.

I could do a Caesar here: Veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered), but I don’t. I’ve learned a little bit over the last (nearly) two years online: I see, I move on.

Some things are a constant, no matter where you go. The good thing about Google Plus is that I don’t have to see any more: I decide what I want to see and who is in my circles. I don’t have the need to add ‘friends’ all over the place, and they don’t have the need to add me. The option to follow, to add to a circle is there, no more than that. Rather like the new subscriptions on Facebook, but better.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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