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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 27, 2012 in Adult (nsfw) |

Everyone wants to remain anonymous at some time or another, impossible as it may seem in a day and age when almost everything we do, say, look at, buy or read is logged somewhere by someone and then accessed by someone else. You can’t buy goods in a store now without your private information being passed on, even taking out library books leaves a footprint of your access, your interests behind. Most are fully unaware of what this all means, some are not even aware that it happens, many are worried that their private lives are being spied upon, their most intimate secrets laid bare for all to see. No amount of legislation is going to change this, simply because each person must leave a footprint behind, has to leave some form of record of their purchases, borrowings and movements behind them, otherwise the system simply doesn’t work any more.

There are moves afoot to force web service providers to keep detailed Internet access records for up to two years, something which shouldn’t bother anyone with no secrets, but that doesn’t apply to most people who surf. We all visit those ‘special’ sites now and then, by accident or by design but, at the same time, we are adults (mostly) and should no longer need to be ashamed of our interests or our needs.

But there are limits to how far those seeking information can go, there are ways and means of hiding an identity which can be used while still giving all the information necessary to the public. This is particularly true of real erotica, of adult websites which specialize in true erotica rather than open-leg photography and in-your-face sex. Here the anonymity of the models themselves sometimes needs to be protected while, at the same time, giving the visitor to the site a little bit of an edge, an interesting slant on the whole.

I’ve always maintained, and will continue to do so, that a man or a woman doesn’t have to be completely undressed to appear erotic. Sometimes they don’t need to show any skin at all, it is all in the eye of the beholder. A good erotic photographer can bring out everything the viewer needs without having to go to extremes, without having to bare all. The imagination is the thing; the imagination of the viewer as much as that of the producer.

Of course there are also many who go for the features; who appreciate the beauty of a man or woman’s face as much as the rest of their body; who appreciate the whole rather than just a few bits and pieces. There are also those who feel the need to know how tall a person is, what they weigh and what size dress they wear. This, however, can be faked. How many models do we see adorning websites from around the world who we recognize from their appearance, but who sport a different name each time? A strange form of anonymity, perhaps, or perhaps just a means of getting more from few, having visitors visit more pages, more sites in the belief that they are looking at someone new to them when, in reality, it is the same old same-old time and time again.

I am caught between two different feelings. On the one hand I appreciate the good looks of a woman in the whole, everything revealed sense and, on the other, I also appreciate the something hidden view. A well executed erotic photograph without face, without identity, can be just as interesting, just as inspiring, as one where you have a name, eye color, weight and so on, when the photographer has performed their task properly.

And when we come to use those images in our private, secret times, do we need to match one particular body with one particular face? Don’t many of us mix and match according to our needs?

There may well be little anonymity left in our everyday lives but, please, let us keep a little in our fantasy worlds.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I thought there was a law in Europe allowing any citizen to access their stored records and correct them, even request to have them erased.

    Of course they would be erased… of course.

    • viki says:

      In a manner of speaking, yes. The law says that details should be deleted but hasn’t put a decent time limit on deletion. A new piece of legislation is now being proposed, in Germany at least, whereby websites and companies – such as Facebook – will be required to delete all information within twenty-four hours. This short time limit will probably be changed – the Pirate Party has already said it is an impossibly short time – to something longer, but it will get through in one form or another.

  • Anonymous too says:

    How is ACTA doing?

  • Francois Demers says:

    ACTA means the same as SOPA and PIPA: under cover of protecting intellectual properties, governments all over the world want a legal framework for controlling internet users.

    In “democracies”, this is expected to come with transparency and public debate prior to vote, signature and ratification. This will not happen as the purpose of these acts is precisely to limit democracy, not only free expression. And if anyone thinks all those bureaucrats really care about those poor people who make Transformers movies and Eminem records, I suggest another think…
    The internet is becoming a very real tool for government of the people by the people. It has its own currencies (virtual but traded), foreign policies and armed forces (Wikileaks, Anonymous etc.) and all the voting mechanism anyone would want. All it lacks is a Thomas Jefferson to write its declaration of independence and constitution. What role is left of the Sovereign and its prerogatives?
    We saw last year, in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, what the governed can do to their masters very quickly with cell phones and Twitter. It has not escaped other rulers and is on all every threat assessments of every professional bureaucrat and politician in the world. What if our own people were to wake up to our own uselessness and malice?
    ACTA is not a treaty, it is gang rape, anal, no lubricant. If the European Parliament ratifies it, abandon all hope.

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