The Power Of Suggestion.

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After a small break, perhaps to allow a few of you to catch your breath once more, I am more than happy to welcome a new Guest Writer. In my last post I mentioned imagination – again – and the power of suggestion, so let’s see what happens with thoughts, imagination, fantasy and the power of imagination here …

As we lay in bed with the darkness surrounding us I waited for the sign. The anticipation of the first touch is excruciating, will we or won’t we? Then in a single fluid movement her right leg hooked my left to her and it had begun.

From that moment on she is under my control. I turn onto my left side and let my right hand explore her warm body. Tracing the waistband of her panties, slipping up and under her nightshirt towards but not touching her breasts trying to gain a sense of how ready she is. She writhes with each touch and raises her hips to meet my fingers. She is ready, but I had only just begun.

My middle finger sought out her cleft through the thin cotton. The first touch is magical, so it must be approached slowly. Up and down, repetitive and deliberate listening to her breathing quicken and timing things just right. Pulling her panties aside and spreading her open with ease… exposing her and making her vulnerable, she lets out a low almost inaudible moan and squirms beneath my hand.

She knows what’s coming next and wants it badly, but I make her wait, the waiting will only make it better. The first touch is gentle almost imperceptible to my fingertip but it sends a shock wave through her that makes her shudder with pleasure. This moment is almost better than the end result… almost.

Slow circles and tiny strokes tease her past the point of no return. I know that she likes to be pushed to the edge and I know how to take her there.  Her breathing is labored now and she’s concentrating hard on walking that fine line of ecstasy. Just when she’s gained some control, my lips close over her nipple and now she must double her efforts.

Now that she’s physically aroused it’s time for the real fun to start.  Without losing the rhythm of my strokes I begin to whisper about the toys under the bed.  Describing each one in great detail and what I might do with them. The words are almost too much for her brain to cope with and she’s biting her lip and nodding in agreement when I ask if she’s ok. As long as I’m doing the talking she has an ounce of composure left. But that’s about to change.

I’ve deliberately left out her favorite toy and know that the mere mention of it will push her over the edge. This is right where she wants to be, at the very edge of oblivion and barely in control of her faculties. How long can she last? Longer than last time? My job is to bring her closer and closer while reading her body language to keep her there. She’s barely able to speak and convinced she can’t hold on any longer. She manages to say, ”I’m… so… close” and just admitting it brings her even closer.

I know very well that if I begin talking about the vibrating nipple clamps under the bed she will no longer be able to control herself. She knows it too. But her orgasm will be even better if I make her say it herself. Trying to focus on the fire between her legs and the electricity tingling on her nipple is too much. To watch and listen to her try to speak of the device that will be her undoing is exquisite.

“Tell me which toy I’ve forgotten.” She can only moan and mutters, “I I I I c-c-can’t.” I assure her that she can and she will. She will say it clear enough for me to hear or I will stop my ministrations. A guttural “no” is all she can manage and she takes a deep breath, blowing it out through pursed lips.  She’s ready; she’s done very well. I don’t ever remember her lasting this long before and I remind her of just that. Now it’s up to her to say the words she wants to hear with clarity and control a split second before exploding.

“I want….” deep breath “I want the black clamp…” exhale “I want the black clamp on my…” she’s pushing herself even further and getting closer with each pause, it’s a beautiful thing to witness. One final deep breath and then in a calm clear voice, “I want the black clamp on my clit.”

I might be able to describe what happens next, but I could never do it justice. I suggest you try it and feel it for yourself.

© Jeff, 2012.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

Photo Sources: okinny, Tumblr.

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  • Jeff says:

    I’d like to thank anyone who took the time to read this. While I’ve written many an erotic short story, this is the first that’s been made available to the general public. I hope you liked it and would love to offer you more in the future. If you have any feedback (positive or negative) feel free to comment here.

  • Shoonhena says:

    I think you wrote a very yummy story. Thank you! It had the desired effect on me most certainly! :-)

    Kisses and Cuddles,


  • Anonymous (really Francois demers) says:


    Well-written and in a very difficult “first person present continuous” mode. Short-short stories are the most challenging because they are completely dependent on one simple idea (no chararcters, no ambience, no style allowed.) There are exceptions of course: one is reviewed by YHS on Kindle and here somewhere.

    One of many possible distinctions between erotica and pornography is “intent”. While erotica requires a clear suspension of disbelief from the reader or viewer due to some obviously fictional element, pornography purports to document real events. This approach to analysis has the advantage of bypassing production values, acts shown, community standards, and many other criteria that have traditionaly been used (notably by courts of law), to decide what is art, what is trash. A National Geographic documentary on whales can be as important, culturally, as Mellville’s Moby Dick (sorry for the connotation Viktoria).

    In that sense, this story is pornographic. My personal opinion? Guilty as charged: the above thesis on intent is mine and I have yet to see it elsewhere.

    500 more words about the idea of vibration or clamps, (perhaps in a flashback about first encounter) but without any obvious sexual denotation and in a clearly phantasmagorical context or some evocation of toys in the attic versus toys under the bed would have brought it into the realm of erotica where imagination (from the reader) plays a major part in filling in the blanks. Another approach: the woman in this story is being made love to: sex is something men do to women. Meanwhile, back in the id, domination fantasies are actually the ultimate power trip: everything, in the fantasy, happens exactly the way the fantasee (my own glossary) wants it.

    You, the Narrator, are male. In actual fact, the actual writer may be gender ruget from exoplanet Kepler 005. A bit of masking, smoke, and mirrors could also help create the ambiguity or the reveal at the end that would move this story horizontally into the erotica genre. The prestige.

    The use of the digit “5” in this comment is not accidental and re-reading Uncle Sigmund, although laborious, could shed light.

  • Anonymous tree (a vegetal sentient being who does not reveal is name) says:

    Pairs of “0”, two pairs of “0”s in the above comment. Meaning?

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