Ten Things: Bus Travel.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 4, 2012 in Ten Things |

Ever taken notice of what happens when you travel on the bus? I spend roughly three hours travelling whenever I go into college and one or two things people do have caught my attention.

Two people get into the bus complaining about their work, how early they have to get up to catch the bus, how long they have to work, how late they get home. The same people get in the bus in the evening to travel home, with the same complaints, not noticing that it is the same bus driver.

A woman boards the bus, finds her seat, and sprays herself with perfume.

A queue forms in the us with one person paying, one waiting and the third person in the queue asks a question and then gets annoyed when not immediately answered.

The bus is stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident. A passenger berates the bus driver for being late.

A passenger arrives at the bus stop two minutes too late, but still catches the bus, and then complains that it is late.

A passenger sits waiting at the bus stop for ten minutes, then spends five minutes trying to find a ticket or change.

A young woman sits in the bus, chewing gum, her feet on the seat opposite, shouting into her cell, then gets upset when someone asks them to be a bit quieter.

A passenger sits in the bus, baggage on a second (even a third!) seat, and gets annoyed when someone else wants to sit there too.

On January 1 the price for travelling by public transport increases by 10 cents. Complaining about the price hike, a passenger asks the bus driver whether they got a pay rise that year.

A passenger waits five minutes for the bus and then gets out at the next stop, which is two hundred yards away.

I am sure I could come up with many, many more interesting little quirks about bus travel and the people who use public transport, but these seem to happen far more than most others. Have you any to add?

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Francois Demers says:

    A passenger gets into the bus then discovers that he got into the wrong one, spends three minutes begging the driver to let him out, ends up getting out at the next stop 800 metres further, looks for a way back to where he was really going, sees a sign that says “You Can’t Get There from Here”. He then walks back to his point of departure, thanking the gods his life is made of deadlines, not schedules.

    That’s me, once a month, no less, always from the same bus stop, always in the same wrong bus…

    • viki says:

      That reminds me of another one too: a passenger gets into the bus and sits throughout the journey in his / her seat without saying a word. At the final stop then says ‘but I wanted to go to…’ somewhere in the opposite direction.

  • Jeff says:

    We got on a bus from Boston to NYC right before Thanksgiving and the driver’s regular route was in Ohio. He had little or no idea where he was going and I actually had to sit in the front and direct him from New Jersey to the Lincoln Tunnel and into Manhattan.

    That wasn’t nearly as bad as the time I sat next to a 100 year old Chinese man eating an entire dried fish for 8 hours.

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