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Truth in advertising, I seem to remember, is a campaign put on now and then by various lobby groups to try and get the major concerns to be honest about the products they are selling. It’s a campaign which hits the headlines now and then, which makes for good programs about hidden sugar, salt, work practices and all but which, when we are honest, will never, ever really happen. I guess we all just love the idea of Grannies Cookies being made by hand in some small rural kitchen by an old lady and her exceptionally attractive daughter. Factory production just doesn’t sell quite as well.

And truth in personal advertising? Of courser we all expect it here too; reading a personal advert from someone who is looking for a partner, seeking the love of their lives or, on a simpler level, just looking for someone to write too.

I came across a wonder advert for friendship today, well written, clear and precise. The young woman who wrote it will undoubtedly find someone to write to, how long it will last is another matter entirely. And even so I was amused by what she wrote because the honesty, about her studies, her plans, her interests, seemed to be almost at odds with one another. Almost to be a contradiction. She wrote:

I’m studying for a BA/BSc (Honours) in Criminology and Psychological Studies, then onto a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology & Criminology and possibly a PhD. I am also a volunteer pet bereavement counsellor for the Blue Cross

and I tried to put the idea of a criminal psychologist together with a grief counsellor. I guess it must work, providing those who have lost their pet don’t know that the young woman helping them get over their loss is working to clear up crime through cutting up bodies and the like!

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Francois says:

    Cutting up bodies is done by pathologists: medical doctors with 8 to 11 years of University behind them (undergraduate, MD, residency). In criminal cases, the forensic pathologist acts under the jurisdiction of the coroner, an officer of the court. Easiest way to get into med school for someone who does not have the grades: very few candidates.

    This young woman will be a forensic psychologist and criminologist. The cursus involves a bit of animal and human biology, a lot of math (statistics), as well as studying the human mind and the behaviour patterns, motives, and aberrant psychopathologies of criminals. She is unlikely to see the inside of a busy autopsy room more than once or twice. Pathologists do not need spectators.

    What she is more likely to be in an expert witness in criminal cases where a plea of insanity is being considered as admissible or not. She may testify on behalf of the prosecution or the defense. However, more and more, the practice is to have experts testify Amicus Curiae, keeping their neutrality intact.

    If she is interested in investigative work, she might become a police officer working in forensics, criminology, or both. Her job description will be “get into the mind of the kind of person who would do this, then describe him (99% males) so we can get him” when a violent crime, usually a murder, bears the signature of a criminally insane perpetrator. She will always be too late, by definition.

    The grief counseling is a pretty good way to deal with her own.

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