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I mentioned the other day in a post that I have been experimenting with my photography. It is something that I enjoy doing: I enjoy learning. Perhaps that’s why my reading tends to be more on the side of intellectual subjects than just the latest bestseller. But, as with my reading, there are a few subjects which I really enjoy and which I feel I might be reasonably good at: for photography this is architecture.

Oh, I would love to be able to photograph people, to be good at portraits, or street photography, to produce marvels of photographic art which make the viewers lose their breath and stand, lost in thought, in front of one picture or another at a sold-out exhibition.

I’d love to have a dedicated following of people who love my work as a photographer or, even better, my writing.

Can I imagine having a bust of myself displayed in a museum for future generations to marvel over, or my works held in reverence in all the libraries and galleries of the world? Certainly, but it is merely a pipe dream, something not real, a fantasy.

My photographic interests, despite my desires and experiments, always bring me back to the same sort of things which, bearing in mind my post on niche blogging the other day, you might find rather limiting.

Architecture. They way people lived in the past, the way they live now, what they constructed and the thought which went into bringing something worthwhile onto the streets. I love the history behind each building – even though I certainly do not love each building that I see – and the idea that people have lived here for generations.

I love the way that towns and cities have been fitted together through their buildings, through the people who built, and that what remains forms what the town or city is today. I love the forms, the colors, the texture of buildings.

And now and then the open spaces between which are as much a part of the town, of the whole as any street.

Limiting, in light of what I wrote before, perhaps but, on the other hand, not. There is such a wonderful range of architecture, more than any one person can experience in their lifetime; it is a subject without end, constantly changing.

I guess it is just that everyone needs to have a firm foundation to build their interests on – one of mine is architecture, even if I couldn’t tell you much about it – and the ability to spread out from that foundation. I have my base, as far as photography is concerned, but know that I can move in other directions too, even if, over the years, I will still come back to one of my first loves again and again.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

Photo Sources: Tumblr (1, 2), Viktoria Michaelis (3, 4, 5, 6).

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