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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on June 27, 2012 in Internet, News & Opinion |

It is a challenge in more ways than one, the race to be the front-runner, the winner, the leader amongst the social media sites. Many are called, but few are chosen and, in the end, it is just a two horse race anyway: Facebook and Google Plus.

The challenge for Google is to outrun Facebook – the bet as far as I am concerned, against one well respected and regular reader of this Blog, is that Google Plus will not achieve it this year – and that as quickly as possible.

So, it looks like Google Plus has about one third of what Facebook claims, but the year is half way through. Will they succeed? Or will someone either suffer eternal shame or, according to the bet called up by the winner, a solid and enjoyable experience with tar and feathers?

I still believe that Facebook is playing with statistics and does not have as many members as they claim – remember, I am there twice, even though Facebook deleted my old account without warning or explanation, in all their searches which makes me believe they are counting me twice – and certainly hardly any of the numbers bandied about can relate to actual active members.

Even so, much as many may wish otherwise and just to throw a virtual cream pie in Zuckerberg’s smug face, Facebook, at the end of this year, no matter how they get their figures, will still be the number one.

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  • Francois says:

    the bet as far as I am concerned, against one well respected and regular reader of this Blog, is that Google Plus will not achieve it this year

    That is one sucker bet if I ever saw one. The “well-respected bla bla bla” really thinks that brand #2 can overtake brand #1 in 6 months when brand #1 has a 80% market share?!? Really?

  • Francois says:

    Probably someone who has science-fiction scenarios in mind, Viktoria.

    Such as imaginary IPO’s, advertisers running away (as if they would), disclosure of real Q3 earnings, investors panic-selling, operating costs a skyscraper higher than revenue, outages and denial of service, FTC investigations over email changes, massive user exodus to mobile…

    What is the bet? Google + catching up to current number of FB users or simply FB being overtaken by Google +?

    Still a sucker bet he can’t win: Google would have to have a proven business model, its own operating system, and a mobile platform that would allow it to merge its mail application with its social network. The guy needs medical attention and detox.

    Do you like your new Android phone?

  • Francois says:

    And for the record, I am not trying to pretend that I am not the other better…

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