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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 28, 2012 in Immoral Conversations |

We’re going to hear much much more about it before things calm down and a few of those more narrow-minded people out there move on to other things. It’s in the news again, and will continue to be: people and small communities turning against coloreds, against LGBT, against whatever is different. It’s impossible to get around personal prejudice, no matter what may be hoped for, no matter what comes into the education system. Most prejudices begin at home, are ingrained practically from birth, and will rarely be exorcised.

Good, however, to see people answering back to the – often – rabid accusations and abuse in a calm and civilised manner. An argument is half won if you don’t need to shout, stamp your feet, hold your breath, swear or threaten with violence. Or when you can use the same argument that the accuser is using:

Source: Facebook.

I wonder whether the conversation will continue, or has the accuser seen the error of his ways?

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Francois says:

    Is Gary Christian or Jewish?

    Leviticus is not read the same according to which faith and even then, one should keep in mind what that book is (an instruction manual for the legalist faction of Judaism that became the Pharisees. The Saduceans cherry-picked from it. As to the Essenians (John the Baptist et al.) they rejected it.

  • viki says:

    I couldn’t say what his religion is but, in the end, it makes little difference. It seems to me often the case that people will pick out what they wish and ignore those parts (of anything) which do not agree with their point of view regardless of how other people – even within their own religion – may read or understand something. Many parts of the Bible are rejected as nothing more than historical works which might not be based in fact, and yet, when the time is right, they are quoted as if they are fact. I came across just such an argument last week as a priest gave his daily Word Of God (Interpreted) type talk on the radio. Taking the story of Samson, he showed how good the man had been, the loss he suffered when his hair was cut, the good he did once his hair grew back again. The little bits about sleeping with prostitutes (Judges 16) were carefully left out…

  • Francois says:

    If the Inquisition were active today, Gary would be in trouble.
    Does he believe God created evil? His Bible says God did not. Does he believe God did not create evil? His Bible says God did.

    Al Q’uran is the only scripture which was written directly and whose author is known. Everything else started as oral tradition and was transcribed much later by a flavour or another of believers.

    Hebrews were pastoral nomads originating from modern Iran (best current guess). In their migrations, they were formed into twelve tribes which were then allotted land in the kingdom of Israel. When Assyria conquered Israel, ten of the tribes were lost. That was 2800 years ago. Most of the written old testament is the transcription of the oral traditions from the tribes that remained (Judah and Levi).

    As to the new testament, it has nothing to say about killing or excluding people based on their diet or sexual behaviour. Or there is a verse in there I never read.

    Back on topic: there is no cognitive cure. People rationalise their phobias whichever way they can. It changes nothing that they are afraid of aircraft, arachnids, or LBGT people: phobias are acquired very early in childhood, in general from the immediate family.

    The cure is behavioral: repeated exposure under some sort of medical supervision. When the phobia is about human beings, should be mandatory.

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