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Makes Viki a very dull candidate for life. So, rather than spend all my time on my project, even though it’s important to me, I spent a little bit of time with friends at the Brokser Markt in Bruchhausen-Vilsen. In case you don’t know what this is and didn’t catch my last post on this festival – I think it was last year but you can check! – a few memories.

The Brokser Markt is a massive festival in the small village of Bruchhausen-Vilsen put on once a year. It is packed with rides and games and candy and beer and, above all people, with horses, fun, salespeople and everything. It runs for four days or so on the marketplace near the railway station and attracts a couple hundred thousand people each year. Events tend to start mid-morning and end, the next day, roughly mid-morning, if some of the people I saw there are anything to go by!

We went there twice, once for the big party in the almost famous and certainly not to be missed Remmer Zelt, a large tent with live DJs and good music and more dancing, drinking people than I care to imagine. The second time just to wander around, ride the Big Wheel, get catapulted up into the air in a capsule – something I am not ever, ever going to do again! – and generally have a good time.

Although the good time is, for some people, a bad description as too many tend to drink too much and the police and ambulance service are constantly on the move, constantly taking people away for a variety of reasons.

It begins, for me, with a ride on the old (1960s) train into town and then you are right in the middle of things. We went late on the Friday night, as do most in my age group, walked about quickly just to look and get something to eat – crepe with banana and grated cheese which got me funny looks from the woman making it – before making our way into the tent for the dancing. It didn’t take long before everyone, or so it seemed, was packed in there – there are other dance tents too, but this is the main one – and the music is blaring out. We stayed away from the stage this time – too loud and I want to carry on being able to hear things later in life! – but roughly in the center of things. Don’t ask me what was played, we just danced to everything.

No camera and no cell this time, too bulky and there is no way I want to lose my cell! Perhaps next year, or you can check that other post…

Sunday too, we slept through most of Saturday, which is a family day. Here we played the rides and generally had good fun with plenty of laughter and the fear – that capsule thing – that my candy floss would come back up again!

The market is also called a Marriage Market because people can marry for a few hours there, just as a joke. No, we didn’t, I think it might have raised too many weird questions or problems, but we’ve made it a plan, next year, to sit on those two seats and pledge ourselves, one to another, for the rest of the day at least!

To my way of thinking the Brokser Markt is better than the much older Verden version, but I will be there next year too, just to compare things again.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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