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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on August 1, 2012 in Internet |

I think I might have mentioned it in a post a little while ago but, for many reasons, not shown you what sort of things some people now resort to in order to grab your attention. We all know, I am sure, what trolls are, how they wheedle themselves into a conversation and purposefully bring ordinary people to argue, to say things that they might not normally say, to bring a good discussion to an end in a bad way. Spam has its trolls too, but they are considerably more vicious believing, as do many others, that they hide completely behind Internet anonymity.

Fortunately that isn’t the case and, also fortunately, we have good spam catcher which shield us from such people. I’ve never been able to understand anyone who doesn’t have their comments set to Moderate, who doesn’t use a spam shield or spam software. It requires no hard work whatsoever and stops little things like:

you are a fucking idiot. you keep harping on about education. number one learn how to spell. then go and educate yourself on what a theory means in science. the earth orbiting the sun is a theory but i suppose a crack pot like you dont believe in that. oe gravity. you are a dying breed and when you dopey yanks wake up and accept that there is NO evidence for god the better off we will all be. your stupid creationist arguments are the same as they were fifty years ago. Dumb fucking christian ass hole

getting through and ruining a good site, a good page, a good post.

And good spam protection also includes links within the software to the originating IP, just in case it happens to be different from the web site. Whois tells us who the site owner is. Through the IP we can send a complaint to the appropriate abuse department and we don’t need to know who the person is.

Even so, many younger (than me, can you imagine that?) people are coming onto the Internet each and every day. It isn’t a rarity to come across good blogs written and run by thirteen year olds, not to mention the many social media sites which allow children, and thirteen is, for me, still a child, to join. Letting them face such abuse, even though it is a building block mail sent out to thousands if not hundreds of thousands, is not something I care to think about.

I wasn’t planning on buying any silver bullion any way, and certain not through the Internet! But I think that it would give me great pleasure, suing the information I have, to get in touch wirth these people and put a stop to their game, through their provider, even if it is only a temporary stop.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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