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Underwater is, perhaps, a little bit over the top. Our water boiler, for the whole house, has sprung a leak and can’t be used at the moment. No hot water unless we cook it!

Normally such an event wouldn’t be so serious: you call out the plumber who comes and repairs the leak and everything is fine again. Until the leak actually occurs, the plumber turns up, takes a look at it and simply shakes his head.

So, I have a question for those companies who make water boilers and heating for houses: who the heck makes a water boiler these days which is sealed closed so that it cannot be repaired?

I know the answer because we’ve got one in our house.  Less than ten years old, I am told, and finished. History. The house owner has had to order a complete new boiler, and that means no hot water, unless we cook it, for the next few days. Good that we’ve got friends nearby where we can shower each day!

Love & Kisses, Viki.


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  • Francois says:

    no hot water, unless we cook it

    May I have the recipe?

    In Kyiv, hot water is centralised: every district has a huge water-heating system that distributes to household plumbing and radiators. The cost is part of the “kommunalny” fee everyone pays monthly based on number of sq. metres, how many people living in the household, and the phase of the Moon. No complaints: I pay about fifty euros a month for all my energy use.

    The city cuts hot water for about two weeks for “maintenance”. In this context, maintenance means saving money: if they were to invoice real costs, half the population could not afford to pay.

    Thus, on July 3, right after the last foreign football fan is presumed to be back home, cut hot water for two weeks. Yay! I would be celebrating my birthday in a hot shower!

    Hot water actually came back four days ago… A month and a half of cold showers (and that explains why I progressively got saner this summer).
    The reason? A lot of maintenance needed (see definition above) after the football tournament. I have a (Made in Germany) inline heater but since my son saw fit to operate it with his foot, it does not work and I do not play with things that have their separate (and clandestine) 40-ampere circuit breakers on a 220 volts line.

    A week from now, plan a shower celebration, ours was fun.

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