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I guess I’m what is known as a Lipstick Lesbian, someone who – I am told – is pretty, dresses fashionably and, of course, has sexual relations with other women. I could probably go into the full description of a Lipstick Lesbian if I had time, but that isn’t the purpose of this post and, no matter what I write, the description or definition wouldn’t be accurate. How can you describe a broad spectrum of women without generalising, without making it seem as if all are the same?

This is not one of the hundreds and hundreds of beauty blogs which gush on and on about fashion, about make-up, about how to please your Other Half or Significant Other. There are more than enough of those out there and it seems to me, without meaning to generalise in any way, that many of them are fairly shallow and far too simple. They publish recommendations according to their own taste – which is fair enough, since it is their blog or web site – and forget that every one is different. We all have different skins, different tones, hair color, fashion sense. It’s a little bit like following Paris Hilton and wearing everything (if you can afford it) that she wears simply because she wears it.

Not that I have anything against beauty, fashion and make-up blogs. They have their place in our virtual world too. How else – assuming they do comparisons one blog to another – are people going to find good recommendations and test results which are halfway fair and balanced? I certainly wouldn’t trust the beauty product manufacturers’ sites since, let’s be honest, they do have vested interests. They are there to sell a product, and it is rare that you’ll find a quick review from a customer – assuming real customers have written the reviews – on any beauty product site which highlights the downside of a particular cream or lotion.

This is a downside review. I’ll say that straight away. It is a downside review not of the product itself, which I am sure fulfills its function, but of the advertising method used to sell it. The product is the Clinque Dark Circle Eyes Corrector. Clinique is a product range from Esteé Lauder.

In their advertisement, Clinique promotes this product as an ideal method to hide away dark circles under women’s eyes. These dark circles, they say, are caused by stress, by a lack of sleep. By simply applying this product you hide all the signs that you are tired, that you have had, or will have, a stressful day, that you have problems which are reflected in your face. It suggests that hiding these signs of fatigue, these signs that life is not going quite as smoothly as you might wish everything will be that much better. Life will be able to go on as before, and you’ll have no problems with anyone else because they will not be able to see that you’re tired, that you are suffering from stress.

Is this the right way to go about solving problems? Simply hide them, push them out of sight? I don’t think so.

Now, I have no problem with the idea of covering up obvious signs of age or slight defects, if that is what you want to do. A pimple or a spot, a few wrinkles, a little discoloration of the skin. We all want to look our best, if not perfect for those special events, for those times when we are out and about and other people can see us. We all want to impress others with our beauty, with our fashion sense. We want, coming right down to basics, to be noticed and be-wondered. If I’ve put on all my finest clothes and really worked hard at appearing on top of the world for a gala evening or a party, I don’t want a slight blemish to ruin the whole effect.

There are, though, some things you can hide and some things which you should try and solve. Stress and a lack of sleep are two of these things. It would be far better to get a good night’s sleep, to be able to relax and just let the good things in life flow around and over you than to be tired and lacking in concentration, yawning through the whole evening.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that this product is an excellent one, that it fulfills the function Clinique claims. But, for me, it is not a solution, merely a method of temporarily hiding a problem which it would be better to solve than to mask.

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