Cleaning Up My Act?

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Do I need to clean up my act a little bit, I mean, as far as this blog is concerned? Do I need to change direction and take a serious look at everything that I’ve published in the past and all the plans I’ve got for the future, even those which has a direct relationship with my life, a direct bearing on everything – within certain limits – that I do?

First off, don’t worry! I’m not about to start deleting posts from the past just because they might be on the wrong side of someone else’s ideals. I’ve written what I wanted to write, published what I want to be read and I stick by what I’ve done. I’m not going to start creating a new squeaky clean image just to please one or two people or, in this case, just to make a little extra cash to tide me over.

The thing is, I’ve discovered it is exceptionally difficult to find people who wish to have certain types of post written, certain types of product reviewed. I know where my expertize lies: Social Media, Adult, Women’s Interests, Lesbian Culture, Travel and a few more little niches barely worth mentioning. You would think that a good selection of interesting subjects would prove worthwhile to those looking for a well situated, well liked web blog who want to get their product out there, want to get a few back links from someone else through open and legal means.

And, yes, you’d be wrong.

Let’s be honest here, almost anyone can write a post of some sort and stick a few links in it. Almost anyone can write a review on something or other and post it and, sometimes, get some interest from the big world out there in cyberspace. What not everyone can do, and I think I have a really good advantage here, is offer a well written and carefully thought out review or article on a web blog which has an exceptionally high ranking. I mean, how many web blogs do you go to which are in the top four hundred thousand world wide? The ones you see are all big names, expensive names, names with advertising banners and pop-ups. There is nothing new there, nothing surprising. They follow the same trends all the time, have the same opinions, write in exactly the same manner as if using building blocks to create their posts.

When it comes to fashion, just as one example, it seems to me that every single young woman the world over believes she is an expert, and posts about what she bought today, what her make-up looks like. To write about fashion you need to be a woman and of a certain age, so the thinking appears to go. I am not that woman.

The problem lies in one of my niche subjects, and I think most people would be able to guess what that one niche is: Adult. I write about Adult themes and, wait for it, Sex. Some of my posts here have naughty photographs. Gasp!

I can write about Adult themes on other sites without any problems at all: there is a good selection of articles on lesbian sex, Coming Out, kissing and so on posted to my Published page. So why is it a problem to find people who are willing to be associated, through a simple back link and a write-up, with this site? Do they honestly think that a review or article on this site, filled to overflowing with naughty photographs, is going to ruin their reputation? Do people who have sex have no other interests whatsoever?

Of course we all know that the claim the Internet is filled with porn is nothing but a myth. There is perhaps one to four percent really pornographic content on the Internet and, with more and more articles and posts being published every single second of the day and night, that proportion is likely to shrink.

And all of our parents had sex.

I’m sorry to be so blunt about it, just blurting the truth out there, but it is true. Sex is a fact of life and, also true, sex is something that sells. Why else would so many tractor manufacturers, for example, have a sexy woman draped across their latest model? Why else are there scantily-clad women at every single motor show the world over? But the idea of being associated, through an article on social media or anything else, with sex is a no-no.

Viktoria Michaelis: Advertising Sexy Women

Photo Source: unfinishedman

It’s a very strange world we live in.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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