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If you’re going to do it, do it right. Well, that’s the idea, but it isn’t always possible. Sometimes you just have to improvise, sometimes things don’t turn out quite the way that you expected or wanted. Sometimes you’re trying to keep up with one or two fashions and they don’t quite fit together.

Imagine the scene: you’ve got a brand new toy which works wonderfully for everything you want to do and then, out of the blue, you discover that all your friends – and this goes especially for Facebook friends – are using their not quite so impressive equipment in a different way. You’ve shown everyone your wonderful machine, all the things that it does, in Real Life and now you need to expand to all those in the virtual world. I mean, what are friends for if you can’t share yourself with them too?

So, you take this wonderful piece of modern equipment which has impressed everyone around you, and set yourself up for the big entry in the world of Facebook. What do you need to do first? get rid of that college photo!

Viktoria ichaelis: Cats and Facebook and College!

Photo Source: forumla

Now, let’s think about making something fresh and fitting.

First we need to find the right location. Since it’s going to be a self-shot we have the choice of bathroom or bedroom. That’s where the mirrors are. Some people use changing rooms in stores, but we’re at home. Next set up our wonderful equipment which everyone else has marvelled over, arrange ourselves in the right semi-nude pose, we want to impress everyone after all, and shoot.

Viktoria Michaelis: Self-shots, Fails

Photo Source: weheartit

Somehow using a larger camera seems to be a little bit out of fashion. I mean, everyone has smart phones these days, so we should really use one too, just to show how up to date and In we are. Thing is, having spent all that money on a new camera – and they are not cheap – there might not be quite enough left over. Still, with this carefully arranged pose we show that we’re good looking – eyes carefully narrowed and chest bared – as well as technologically with it. Not quite the professional photographer, or model, but everything is there.

And when there isn’t a camera neatly to hand? Whe we’ve just spent the last three days queueing in cold and rain to get the very first of the very latest? Well, show it off!

Viktoria Michaelis: Self-shots, Fails

Photo Source: imgsrc

Although, let’s be honest, bigger isn’t always better. We’ve got this wonderful piece of modern technology which can do everything but brew a cup of coffee. It just looks a little bit dumb when held up in front of a mirror!

I was wondering, when I saw this photograph, whether it is also a telephone. Can you imagine discreetly holding this to your ear as you drive down the freeway? Or easily texting someone? I think not.

Viktoria Michaelis: Self-shots, Women, Beauty

Photo Source: lowbird

I guess it just works with women better!

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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