Men And Multitasking

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How many times have you heard it, men cannot handle multitasking. Women, of course, have no such problems, they can do all manner of things at the same time and nothing throws them out, nothing distracts them. On the other side, women cannot drive or park cars whilst men, adept at all mechanical things, can repair a broken engine, a chainsaw, an electric plug just by using spit and a little bit of duct tape.

Generalizations which, when you think about it, really have no worth whatsoever: some men cannot park their cars straight or in a massive parking space; some women cannot do more than two things at once without bursting into tears and throwing their teddy bear in a corner. And these generalizations hold sway throughout our lives, especially in business. Women, it is said, cannot run a company as efficiently as men can; they aren’t hard enough; they get pregnant too easily; they take time off for the slightest sniffle and are constantly talking about what their little rug-rats did yesterday, the first word spoken, the first steps taken. Perhaps this is why so few women are accepted into the higher echelons of international, and national, businesses. Regardless of their credentials, their experience, their level of education and qualifications, women tend to be overseen and, when it comes to a promotion, overlooked in favor of a man with lesser qualities simply because he is a man.

Is this all true in today’s modern world? Well, yes, to a certain extent it is. There are still many, many companies which do not have women in the higher ranks, who rate and pay them considerably less than their male colleagues. The numbers, though, are falling. It is no longer financially viable to limit who sits at the big table, who makes the major decisions in business. More and more women are entering the marketplace for the higher jobs, for the most prestigious positions, and their reputations are growing too. More women are setting up their own companies and, surprisingly, enjoying great success. Not all, of course, there are just as many failures, for whatever reasons, amongst new companies run by women as there are amongst companies set up and run by men. A bad business idea is a bad idea, whether it comes from male or female.

Viktoria Michaelis: Multitasking Men

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But can men really multitask? My answer has always been: of course they can! You just need to look a how many men take something to read with them when they go to the toilet. Nowadays, however, I take it a step further and let people think it through themselves. The scenario is quite simple: imagine a man driving along the freeway with music on, his wife or girlfriend next to him and two children – a boy of six and a girl of ten – in the back. Add a cheeseburger to the whole and you can see how effectively men can multitask, not a single crumb from their cheeseburger gets lost.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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