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The title poses a fairly simple question, but one which many agencies probably rip their hair out over every single day of the year. What is the future as far as modeling, as far as The Look, as far as selling of images goes? Should we really be looking to find the next big thing in the fashion world amongst teenagers and those even younger, or wait until they’ve matured and have looks which will hold and, for some of the poses, are fully legal and acceptable? I say some of the poses fully aware that a great deal of what is offered to agencies for their consideration breaks certain bounds and has more to do with (underage) sex appeal than anything else.

Viktoria Michaelis: Young Modeling Beauties Viktoria Michaelis: Young Modeling Beauties

Photo Sources: Tumblr / imgsrc

And we already know that there are enough people on the look out for that extra (underage) thrill.

The Internet is packed to overflowing with photographs of beautiful women, so much so that hardly a single web site you care to visit doesn’t have one or the other image prominently displayed just to get your juices flowing, whether it is relevant to the story or not. Many use images to hide a lack of content, to disguise the fact that they really don’t have a story at all but, hey! it’s this or that starlet so everyone has to be interested!

Viktoria Michaelis: Young Modeling Beauties

Photo Source: acfun

Of course there is also a market for the younger model, in the right context and there is a great deal of beauty readily available, it is just the manner in which it is used and, let’s not mince words here, abused. There seems to be hardly any modeling sites, as far as the Internet is concerned, I would hope that real world businesses are a little bit more correct, which doesn’t have that little hint of more, that subtle slip of the lens, that slight view of what,at their age, should remain hidden.

Viktoria Michaelis: Young Modeling Beauties

Photo Source: imgsrc

It can be very slight, or it can even be blatantly obvious, but it is always there. From pantie shots where the fabric is so tight, pulled up so far that nothing is left to the imagination – and I am talking about ‘models’ as young as five years old here, that they might just as well be wearing nothing and appear just as (in)decent.

But how do you define or event regulate what is too young and what is acceptable? For the underwear industry a photograph of a youngster wearing just underclothes is normal and acceptable, clothing catalogs are full of them. They are designed to show the clothing and not draw attention exclusively to the model. That is, until you find the catalogs which offer lingerie – and here I mean lingerie on a par with Victoria’s Secret – for under-aged girls. The innocence which women of this age should retain – albeit they can lose all innocence when visiting practically any web site offering news of the latest antics of this or that starlet – disappears before they even know enough about the world to learn what is good and what goes too far.

Viktoria Michaelis: Young Modeling Beauties

Photo Source: imgsrc

And for those younger women looking for a future career in modeling? The big money, fame and all that goes with it? Can they get through without showing off more than should be good for them at their age? Do they even realize what is happening to the images shot of them and the prices, the reactions, they can cause?

I’m not saying that our society should be a completely straitlaced, bible-belt one with absolutely nothing of interest, nothing to spark the imagination, but there do have to be some limits. There needs to be standards without some government department jumping in and regulating everything, because one officials level of acceptance is going to be completely different to that of another, and interpreting the law, local, national or international, is a problem in and for itself.

Viktoria Michaelis: Young Modeling Beauties

Photo Source: imgsrc

All the same, wouldn’t it be better to wait a little while and not start off with the wild sex-related stuff until considerably later in life?

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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