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Life is filled with choices, some we take, some we turn down. Later in life we may well regret some of the decisions made in our youthful years, but that is the way life works; we make decisions, decide upon our way and take our chances as they come. Hopefully we always choose the right path to follow, but there is never a guarantee!

And, given a choice, what would we rather do? A few thoughts taken from Twitter.

It is sometimes amazing how much wisdom can be pressed into the smallest space. One hundred and forty characters may not seem very much, when you’re laying out your entire life, but for some it is more than enough to set their philosophy over life out clearly for others to read.

Not that anyone should limit themselves, there is a great deal of thought behind the wisest sayings, and a great deal more than can be slotted into the smallest space. How many works have been written about Nietzche’s simplest of statements: God is dead?

Philosophical thoughts can be seemingly shallow when you first see them, oversimplified, lacking in any real use but, after a little bit of thought, would someone who has a greater liking for her purse be the right one for the rest of your life? Isn’t there considerably more to life than that?

And many are views into the personal thoughts, the personal life of an individual, especially in our modern, Internet days. We seem to be so free with our secrets when it comes to posting things on Facebook, Twitter or even a personal web blog, but would we really want our parents or real life friends to know? How many people live a secret life within the Internet, in social media networks, which has no relation to their everyday life, to the way people see them in the real world, to what their parents, friends and work colleagues think of them?

A lot of pain too. It’s surprising how deep some feelings go, how hurt a person can be by someone else’s actions, and not wish to show it. But it changes their lives, it changes the way they feel about other people, no matter how close they may have been before.

The cry of many a celebrity, and their manager too, I don’t doubt. I don’t know whether you’ve caught it at all, but some web sites – such as Yahoo! – really enjoy posting worst dressed pictures and reports whenever they get the chance, and the paper press isn’t much different. You’re either there because everyone wants you and what you’ve got, or because you’ve messed up big style and ruined a red carpet appearance. Somethings will never be forgotten.

I think this one just about covers it all, the final expression of not wanting to do something. Did you know that there are people who watch paint dry for a living? I’m sure it’s easy money, but would you want to spend your day watching paint dry? I can think of ten billion better things to do with my time!

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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