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I’ve been using a blog catalog to find other similar blogs to mine for quite a while now, with mixed results, and have made a small – probably insignificant – discovery along the way: the number of people who believe that they can write and succeed with a fashion or make-up blog far exceeds those who really can. Fine, that is fairly obvious, but I asked myself why so many people seem convinced that they can run a blog dedicated just to nail polish, for example. The possibilities are remarkably limited; this is niche publishing in the smallest imaginable way and with absolutely no chance of expansion. And is there even a long running niche for nail design?

I don’t doubt for a moment that they are quite serious with their interests, but it also seems to me that a blog which concentrates exclusively on just nail design, or some other very limiting aspect of fashion and design, isn’t going to run for too long simply because there is no real market for it. And by market I mean when you’ve found a blog which has nothing but photographs of five fingers in pretty colors every single day of the year, you’re not going to hang around too long, you’re not going to mark it down as one of your all time favorites and keep on going back.

I’m sorry if I’m bursting anyone’s bubble with this revelation – which is no revelation to me, but still – but there are limits, and setting your own limits with such a concentration of interest isn’t going to get you anywhere in the end. There is a great deal of competition out there, and nails are not really an area where you are guaranteed success.

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Fashion, though, is a remarkably wide field and covers a whole mess of different subjects. The fashion industry is determined to succeed, determined to influence us, and so fashions will continue to change from one season to another. It is hard to imagine anything – aside, perhaps, from technology at the moment – which has so many changes, so much scope, so many inspiring and beautiful things. A woman is more likely to have twenty different dresses in her wardrobe than a geek is likely to have twenty different versions of the same game player.

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And fashion is something which everyone plays with, young and old, male and female. Whether they have what we might call fashion sense is another matter entirely. Each person is an individual, and each person has their own feelings about what they wear, the impression they wish to create, the effect their choice of clothing has on another person. It is not the dress itself, it is just as much the person who is wearing it and how they wear it.

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Fashions adapt themselves according to our lifestyles, whether we are concerned with businesses and meetings, leisure activities, hiking and traveling, just lazing around on the beach. We tend now to have fashions which change according to the mode for a particular sport, according to societies desires for certain activities, fashions which fit in with our ever changing daily lifestyle. And that is a good thing. Trying to fit a certain form of fashion – such as swim suits in Victorian and Edwardian times – with what people can really use, what they really want has become something of an art. Again, you either have it, or you’re out of the market.

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In fact, glancing through the seemingly never-ending list of fashion blog start-ups, and constantly hitting those which have died the death after just a few months or less, I sometimes get the feeling that almost any woman who wants to spend time creating a site online and hasn’t hit the Mom Blog stage yet goes for fashion. Did you know that Mom Blogs have their own society? Well, now you do. Admittedly, it appears to be more of a social media network or agency to help brands get their products across and (a few) Moms make a little bit of pocket money through advertising links, but it is there nonetheless.

And if everyone who has a feeling for fashion creates a blog or a web site to show all the wonderful things that they’ve discovered, we’re going to get flooded with a mass of repetitions and some fairly desperate competition. What appeals to one writer isn’t going to appeal to a professional writer, who has their eye on the entire marketplace and can write about trending fashions before they trend and, even more important for the individual writer, much of what they write about will already be in the shops. That means it is old news, the fashion industry has already moved on. Write about what you see on the catwalk, when the designers bring their first ideas out for the industry, and you’re on to something, but who, amongst ordinary people, gets invites to such events? Who can afford to jet around the world and capture all that is good for the up and coming season?

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The real fashion reporting world is a very professional area, and limited to professionals as such. I’m sure we can all voice our own opinions, but hardly more than that. Trying to make a living – and most of the fashion blogs are started with the idea that there is a lot of money to be made – is another thing entirely.

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Writing a blog is something like walking the catwalk too, maybe not quite so stressful, maybe not quite so glamorous, but similar. You’re presenting your wares for all to see in an open arena and fighting against a massive competitive marketplace. Every single blog owner wants their work to be up there on the first page of search engine hits, in the headlines, in the top rank for visitors, comments, accolades.

The reality is something quite different. The reality is hard work, research, opinion, disappointment, change, frustration and, now and then, a high point. All fashion designers know that if you go on producing the same sort of products each and every season, you’re not going to get anywhere but on the sale stands in a local supermarket. And that is where the copies of the big sellers from last season end up, remarkably quickly at that. The reality is knowing your market and being able to adapt to it, of reading between the lines, of knowing what is going to work and what has worked in the past. It is being able to rehash a theme into a completely new work. It is a passion.

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And every passion needs its foundation, just like the fashion industry. If you haven’t got an idea of what goes on behind the scenes, what fits under the clothing, you’re going to end up with a product which looks lumpy and badly cut.

It’s not that I have a great problem with fashion blogs, they just make me feel a little bit sad in some ways. Sad, perhaps, because so many people put their time and energy into their work only to have it vanish in the flood. Sad because there are so many dreams which will never be more than a dream. Sad because some of these sites may feature wonderful fashions we might not otherwise come across, but are destroyed by a total lack of design sense, as far as the web site design goes.

And, more especially, sad because people with wonderful ideas limit themselves by sticking to just one subject and seem to be unable to expand their horizons beyond that very limited area. A catwalk, whether it be in the fashion arena or online, needs to have a wide selection of different designs on offer, of different subjects as far as the writer is concerned. Hopefully I have achieved that in the last few years, the figures seem to suggest that it is so and my personal catwalk has a lot of viewers, even if they don’t all voice their opinions!

The year is slowly drawing to an end, a new year is right on our doorsteps. Let us find the right fashion for our own personal style, the right catwalk for our presentations, and a market we know, love and can work with, no matter what we may choose to do.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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