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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 26, 2012 in Internet |

… quite so clear-cut as you may think. The world is filled with tricks and traps and sometimes it is hard to tell whether what you see is really what it appears to be, or whether someone is fooling you, unintentionally or otherwise. Of course, if it is unintentional, that’s fine, it rests with you to assess your own perceptions and re-evaluate.

Today I thought I’d give you two fine examples of things which are not quite what they may appear to be and let you have a little think about it. Make a note of your first impressions and instincts before you read right through to the end, and then reassess.

Let’s start off with this photograph. Seemingly simple, as I am sure you agree.

Beauty Which Fools

Photo Source: Unknown / Tumblr

This photograph can easily be found in the Internet, but not quite where you might imagine it to be. It is predominantly used as an advertisement photo for various German and Austrian massage parlors – yes, those sort – but does not represent a person who actually works at any of the establishments. It is one which has been picked up as representative of what men – and some women – wish, but has nothing to do with the people who are actually there.

Bearing that in mind: first thoughts and impressions? Make a note and move on to number two.

Beauty Which Fools

Photo Source: ernstchan

Clearly a model, what else could she possibly be? Funnily enough, this photograph is also used on sites which promote marketing, which seems a little bit strange unless you happen to be in the modeling or sex industries. It is also on many sites which ask a simple question, one which you will understand in a moment.

So, have you made up your minds?

The Internet is full of tricks, and these two photographs show exactly how you can be tricked into believing one thing when another is true, how you can be fooled into one impression, into one action which might not have happened if you knew the truth behind the photograph, or the person depicted themselves.

Take the first one. Beautiful woman, right? I agree. The only problem is, and this would also be a problem if some of the more serious massage parlors actually checked to see which photographs they are using to advertise their wares, this is a shemale. She was born and registered as a male but, through the fits of nature which we all know, grew in different directions.

And the second? This is simplicity itself. The model, when this photograph was taken, is twelve years old.

Do you trust first impressions as far as the Internet is concerned? Sometimes it is good to take a step back and think or research first, it could save many problems later!

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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