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It is strange the way things seem to work, how something you have thought or written comes back at a later date to either haunt you or, in the case, to bring new light to an interesting subject. This time it is a little bit of information, and a real surprise. Way, way back in November last year I did a little post on males taking self-shot photographs, just to show, again, that it isn’t only the women who pose in front of mirrors and, often, make complete fools of themselves. Back then, as a contrast, I also included this photograph:

Viktoria Michaelis: Self-shots, Women, Beauty

Photo Source: lowbird

Now, thanks to a small status update by an Australian friend on Facebook, I know who she is and, to a certain extent, what she does.

And, even more of a surprise, other than the fact that with so many millions of people on the Internet one of my friends in a foreign country should just happen to mention another person who I have featured on this blog without knowing of the connection and I get to see it. I could quite easily have left the link he gave and moved on, but, now and then, I do follow links that people give when it seems interesting, or when their write-up is such that my curiosity is aroused.

The link did not lead directly to this young woman, rather it brought me to a fan page for her, run by someone else, on Tumblr. That lead me on to a page on DeviantArt and to a (Russian language) web blog on LiveJournal, to a Twitter feed and a Facebook page.

Photo Source: Tumblr

And, of course, to a great deal more information.

Unlike some of the photographs I use here where you can quickly work out who the person is because they’re a well known model, a minor celebrity or similar, or cannot ever hope to find out anything whatsoever about a certain beauty, I now have more than I could ever desire. A young person making her own way through the world, like me, taking photographs of herself and her surroundings and hoping for commissions for her artwork. And some of her work, I must admit, is well worth seeing even to the point of, perhaps, one day, giving her a commission to do something exclusive. We all earn our living in one way or another.

What intrigues me, aside from what I am about to post, is where she comes from and where she is. Her sites list her as being in Japan, and I have no reason to doubt that, but her language is Russian and many of the photographs have been taken in surroundings which suggest a Russian (or former Russian state) homeland. In the end it makes no difference.

And that little bit I have still to mention? This woman is special. If you go slowly through the photographs, one page after another, on the Tumblr fan page, one page at a time, you will get to see why.  The Tumblr fan page has now been removed at her request. But, one small thing, bearing in mind what I wrote in my post earlier today, see what you can read into the character, the personality of this beauty.

Does you opinion of her change with this small revelation? I would love to know your before and your after thoughts. Be honest, both here and with yourself.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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