Frozen Fingers

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 22, 2013 in Personal |

The cold weather finally hit us and we have little snow drifts all over the place. I say little because some people back home in the States have experienced snow drifts, and these are really tiny by comparison.

That said, it threw people into confusion again, to such an extent that two major areas cancelled school today – but not college, so I struggled out to the bus station and spent some extra time in the bus as we tried to get through.

One silly little question: when the roads are so dangerous because of ice and snow, why do suddenly so many more people take to their cars and drive alone? It’s just something that I noticed today: the bus wasn’t quite as full but there was a lot more traffic on the roads and most people were sitting in their cars alone.

Busy writing a paper for college this week, so I’m cutting back a little bit on my Internet time. Gives all of you new visitors a chance to catch up on what you’ve missed here over the last few years!

Love & Kisses, Viki

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  • Francois says:

    One day, I will make up my mind as to which email address to use here…

    In the meantime, freezing rain over the last two days as a celebration of what has so far been an unusually harsh winter in Kyiv. Were it not for my yellow-eyed dog, I would follow the advice I give all my friends: stay indoors. For once, I am happy with the Kyiv car-owner’s habit of parking on sidewalks. It gives me something to grasp for and grip from one drunken penguin step to the next. Not to mention a legitimate excuse to break their rear-view mirrors.

    Here, you get your driver’s license as a premium when you collect 25 labels of Nescafe Gold, no exams or driving tests needed. On a good sunny summer day, the average driver is a terrorist. On ice…

    Unless you have a morbid fear of crashes, I will be spidering your site while you write your paper: there may be two, even three posts I missed somehow.

    • Well, the one you used here has had 185 comments, the one with 100 in it a mere 25, not that anyone but me gets to see such fascinating information!

      It has not, I am told, been unusually harsh here, back in the Eighties there was snow several yards deep – or should I be writing meters now? – and in the summer months some of the main and residential streets have stood under water. Not that I’ve seen anything like that yet, but there is still time. It amuses me that the winter seems to come as a surprise to anyone, and that each and every year.

      Cars parked on the sidewalk? They’d get a ticket, even in the winter. Not allowed. And it’s fairly hard to park in normal parking spaces, since no one removes the snow and the fallen snow is added to by pushed over snow from snowploughs which only concentrate on the main roadway, and by those who are required to clear the sidewalk in front of their house – at least one meter (there, did it) must be free for people to walk along.

      I have no morbid fear of crashes with this server. It has not had a single second of downtime since my blog came here, and that compared to over thirty hours by the last host in the same time span….

  • Francois says:

    “Metre”, “metres” if you aspire to true Europeanhood. In general, Europe prefers real English to American.

    Climate has changed a lot in Germany in the past fifteen centuries: a lot of forests became farmland. If you believe Tacitus, what is now Germany was once as cold as Finland.

    • I have no reason not to believe Tacitus, not having been there at the time. I do know that the accepted room temperature in Germany used to be three degrees less than it is now, though. Perhaps we’re all getting too comfortable with our central heating. Perhaps we all need to get out and find or create a few more woods and forests rather than accepting EU money to remove them and plant corn for heating and energy plants….

  • Francois says:

    Perhaps we all need to move to Singapore…

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