Top 5 Benefits of Using Sex Toys

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 26, 2013 in Guest Writers |

Many couples in committed relationships often reach a point where sex has become anything but exciting. Foreplay becomes choreplay, lovemaking becomes plain and predictable, and the big O in orgasm turns into a slight “oh.” If you’re seeing yourself in this situation, then it’s time to get your engines revving to bring back the heat into your sex life. One way of unlocking the doors of pleasure and experiencing new heights of erotic ecstasy is by introducing adult fun toys into the bedroom.

These days sex toys are no longer considered taboo; in fact, an increasing number of adults are becoming open to the use of these little aids. Not only do they provide stimulation and arousal, they also offer a number of benefits.  Here are some:

Increased self-awareness

Most people, when it comes to sex, don’t know what they want until another person shows them. Nevertheless, the best way to discover what and how to pleasure one’s body is through experimentation. And what better way to do this than trying out frisky pleasure toys? Contrary to what some people believe, the purpose of sex toys is not to replace one’s sexual partner but to allow a person to explore his or her sensual desires with or without a partner. Experimenting with sex toys can help you become more aware of your body, discover what makes you tick, and then guide your partner during intercourse.

Enhanced sexual performance

Using sex toys can definitely enliven even the most prosaic sex life. Whether you’re in the hots for an S&M action or for steamy role play games, bringing sex toys into your boudoir will help realise you and your partner’s raciest sexual fantasies. There are various kinds of sex toys and products today that can enhance your sexual performance, from lubricants for women experiencing dryness, to realistic dildos for those missing their partner. Also, performing creative sexual positions that require deeper thrusting without experiencing discomfort or muscle strain can be more possible with the right adult toys.

Quicker and intense orgasms

Those who have trouble reaching orgasm can also benefit from using sex toys. Women are usually the ones who find it hard to reach the big O since most positions for intercourse hardly provide maximum clitoral stimulation. To address this, using a remote control vibrator during foreplay will help. It heightens arousal and stimulation to the point of orgasm. For men, cock rings will help prolong erection and enjoy more powerful, intense orgasms.

Relieves stress and anxiety

Ever wonder why it feels so good to hit the sack after some toe-curling action in the sheets? You have your steamy sexcapade to thank for that. It has been scientifically proven that orgasm relieves stress and tension, which only means that using sex toys during intercourse is beneficial since you are more likely to reach orgasm faster. Thus, resulting to a more relaxed and stress-free sensation.

Increased intimacy

With the proper use and choice of sex toys, couples can be more confident in pleasing each other while in bed. Once you and your partner satisfy each other’s lust-fuelled fantasies, you can be able to establish a closer and more intimate connection. And who wouldn’t want that?

Just as communication, trust, and respect are vital in a relationship, a safe and satisfying sex life is also a significant factor that helps keep the embers of romance and passion burning. So jump into pleasure, seduce your partner, and have fun in the bedroom with adult sex toys and enjoy the benefits they bring.

About the Author: Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including adult toys in Adult Shops, products, services and other fields. Wright considers Foxy Fever as one of the leaders in Adult Shopping.

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  • Francois says:

    Ms. Wright, may I call you “Ms. Wright”? Familiarity breeds contempt and my brother and I have a non-compete agreement on breeding activities. I have an exclusive on sarcasm, if contempt is needed, you need to talk to him.

    In any case, thank you for this post and the brave insights it brings to light. At first, I could not believe Viktoria had written this, a fact explained in the simplest manner: she did not.

    May I use this opportunity to ask a few questions? Yes? Thank you!

    1- What did you do for sex to become less than exciting?
    I must confess that, despite a few decades of regular practice and some places and acts that could have gotten me into jail (especially in Alabama) I still find it more than exciting. I dearly want to try what you did. Admittedly, it might be somewhat secret but then, secrets and desires are what this blog is about. Nominally.

    2- Realistic dildos are purple?
    I took the liberty of following the link and this is what I saw: Dongs & Dildos, with a photograph of an imitation human phallus under “dongs” (small, fits any purse, size) and a purple tapered cylinder under “dildos”.
    Which one do you use when your partner no longer satisfies you or vice versa, and, if both, which goes where?
    Also, the purple one, is it carcinogenic, flammable, or both?

    3- “Most people, when it comes to sex, don’t know what they want until another person shows them” I have two questions here:
    a) What about committed onanists?
    b) Who showed you what you wanted? I do not mean to pry but I would like going to the source of this fabulous knowledge you disseminate.

    4- Are there risks to remote-controlled vibrators?
    What is the range of the remote? Does it work on infrared or WiFi? Can they be activated by phone? A lot of questions pop up here… Where can I find the technical specs and health warnings before I commit to a purchase? Also, do you have cases of people forgetting them and thus impacting their career strategy? The HR side seems an important consideration as well.

    5- Whatever possessed you to put up this naked piece of advertising targetted at 70 yo Carmelite nuns in this blog?
    Sex toys are fun! A fact you seem to have missed completely in your ad for Foxy Fever. Take two seconds to look at the brand name of your client. Pay a bit of attention to what they sell. You are not writing an ad for Tampax in the 1960’s

    This is a blog created by a young woman who is also a lesbian. Did it ever occur to you to earn the money you invoice and adjust the copy to the media and the audience?

    You are shoddy. Oops, that was contempt. My brother is merciless: I am sure to get an invoice. I will be forwarding it to you for wasting my time.

  • Francois says:

    And then, the Tao remained silent.

  • Francois says:

    I know two: the Tao’s and what you call yours.

    The rest is cowardice or indifference.

  • I’m looking for an interesting way to spice my love life with my wife. I’ll try gifting her one, and see how she’ll respond. It’s nice to know that sex toys can increase one’s awareness to know what they want. Thanks for the great article!

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