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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 11, 2013 in Internet |

I seem to be on something of a run with these posts about writing blogs, whether they are of any use to another blog writer or just something they already know I can’t say, but perhaps… So, as third in the series, following on from Lost For Ideas and A Step Further, Adapt!

I had actually planned on writing something else this evening, something to do with beauty and literature and the normal sort of things which I enjoy writing about. However, catching the news as I was in college and then on the way home, I decided to postpone this until another day. Why? Because I can, and because there are other interesting things in the world aside from what I have planned, no matter how long in advance those plans may have been. If my blog concentrated on Current Affairs this would be an automatic thing: look for something which is in the news or just about to be in the news, and write on it. Give my own impressions, my own opinion, add my own 2ยข worth to the general debate. It’s called adapting to events, and it is something all bloggers should be prepared to do, and capable of doing, not just those who write on Current Events, Politics or similar.

Why? Because a blog needs to be up to date. It is pointless writing the same old things time and time again and imagining that people are going to continue with their interest. After a while the same old, same old gets to be boring and we all need something of a rest. For a blogger this might mean taking time out from writing, which is not necessarily a good idea. As I mentioned before, taking a little rest from writing can become a long rest, then a lack of interest and, finally, the death of a blog, and that is not what we are here for, not what we have invested so much time and energy in to achieve.

The difference today? Two things: the Pope has decided to call it a day and retire, the first Pope to do this since the thirteenth century, and the English have discovered that their roast beef is probably / possibly horse meat.

Now you may well wonder what the retirement of the Pope has to do with anything or, at least, anything connected to this blog. In effect, nothing whatsoever, he is merely being used as a tool, as an example. All the newspapers will be full of the story tomorrow, the radio programs today have had almost nothing else. It is a big story and they have taken out what might have been reported and covered this tidbit instead, right down to the small details, as far as they are able to find any. Over the next few weeks there will be even more: the Pope will retire on February 28, the Cardinals have to convene by March 20 and a new Pope must be chosen within about five days of that.

Many changes for many people, just like in real life.

As to the horse meat in England, well, it’s just a small story as far as the Germans are concerned, horse meat has been a staple of their diet for many years and there’s nothing unusual about it. That is, unless you happen to remember that certain supermarket stores were in the habit of changing labels on so-called fresh meat to sell it as still fresh the next day and got caught out. The English are very proud of their roast beef, of their roast lamb on a Sunday, of the Sunday lunch as a whole. Discovering that they have been swindled in such a way, getting right down to their basic traditions, must come as something of a shock for them all.

And what does the whole, these two stories, have to do with you and your blog?

Don’t get caught in a rut. Be prepared to change at short notice when something catches your eye, when something arouses your interest. It’s much the same as taking a sentence out of a book and writing about it in a post: take an interesting story which has caught your attention and write about it. Don’t let the gray cells in your brain follow the same path all the time, be prepared, be willing to change, to adapt, to advance.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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