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There are two sides to every story, two sides to every business. What we often get to see, through the press and mass media, is not necessarily the reality, but a fabricated exposure, a scandal, or all encompassing commentary designed to sell rather than to inform which creates an impression in our minds often hard to remove or change. And yet there are some things which are such a part of our lives that we would normally accept them without a second thought, even take advantage of them given the chance or need, and there are many people in all walks of life who do just that, either privately or openly and without a second thought. And that, to my way of thinking, is a good thing, within certain limits. Take, for example, escort agencies.

I do not doubt for a moment that an immediate picture has been created in the readers’  mind just from those two simple words: escort agency. This image probably takes two different forms: beautiful women and handsome men willing to spend their time, for money, with a customer at a major event, such as the Vienna Opera Ball or men and women who sell their bodies for the more exclusive, intimate moments in private life where nothing else will do. In our modern technological age such services are merely a click away, with a wide range of services and choices laid out for the connoisseur, for those who have special requirements requiring refinement as much as discretion and quality.

Choosing the right agency depends on personal needs as much as anything: is an escort needed for a public event where a high level of discretion is required, where the public eye could be turned on a person, or for a more private event? Are you a stranger to a certain city, anywhere in the world, and don’t want to spend your time without someone at your side? Perhaps there is a more special requirement, an intimate service unattainable elsewhere? Everyone has their reasons, everyone has their needs. Not every agency is suitable, not every offer can meet those needs and some, it must be said, tend towards the darker side of the business which, depending on your personal requirements, can be a good thing. The greatest advantage of an escort agency is that such things can be arranged in advance, that nothing needs to be left to chance, that the customer knows what they are getting, depending on the professionality of the agency itself, is exactly what they desire, whether it be for those more intimate moments, or for a public event where being seen by others is of importance.

This advantage of being able to arrange a meeting, a rendezvous, in advance means that someone traveling abroad can organize their time with precision and a high degree of certainty before even leaving home, and know that whatever they desire will be waiting for them when they arrive, that everything will have been prepared to their satisfaction, that nothing has been left to chance – something certain other, more immediate, services can never guarantee. So should someone decide that they wish to travel into Austria, visit and enjoy the famous sights of the capital city and then spend their evening with a Vienna escort, they will get exactly what they want, exactly what they need as a personal service second to none.

Of course, many people will immediately associate escort agencies with the intimate, sexual side of life and, it is true, they do fill this need too, but a good agency, a top class agency with a reputation to preserve, offers far more than just that. Time spent together with another person means conversation, mutual interests, an all encompassing experience and this, a requirement which goes further than what many people will automatically associate with such an agency, is what makes the difference. The advantages of the Internet and our modern methods of communication: we can see, we can select, we can prevent those awkward moments well in advance and, when all is said and done, come back from our rendezvous with nothing but the best memories and a high degree of satisfaction.

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