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I’ve still got fashion and beauty on my mind, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone at all. This cold spell, and I can’t call it more than that since thew ‘winter’ only really lasted a couple weeks here, is coming rapidly to an end and we’re looking at temperatures in double figures in the coming weeks. So, of course, I am looking about to see what there is, what appeals to me, what I might be interested in adding to my wardrobe for the coming season. Not, of course, that there is really a season here, I live in a small town in the county surrounding by farmland with the next major town many miles away. And even there, I can honestly say, there is hardly a fashion scene.

Viktoria Michaelis: Beauty and Fashion, Dresses and Boots Viktoria Michaelis: Beauty and Fashion, Dresses and Boots

Photo Sources: jphip / popsugar

And, of course, I am not one to follow the fashions of others, no matter how beautiful they may be, and I am not someone who tries to look like a celebrity everyone recognizes, everyone is jealous of, everyone else tries to copy. I mentioned it in earlier posts, individuality is the name of the game; things which stand out and fit with the times, but which aren’t being worn by all those other people and won’t make people think you’re just following instead of leading.

So, having let your eyes feast on the two beauties above, and their clothes in case you happened to notice them, I thought I would take a little look further down the body. No, much further down, a little bit further down than you might be thinking after looking at the curves of those two beauties. I will come back to what might be underneath, if anything, another day, but today I thought I would concentrate my thoughts on something which lights up the hearts of almost every woman: shoes.

Viktoria Michaelis: Beauty and Fashion, Dresses and Boots

Photo Source: afterellen

Or, to put it a little bit better, boots, because I have the feeling that boots are going to be my thing this year. I’ve enough high heels and sensible shoes in my cupboard to keep me staggering along cobble-stoned streets for the next few months, as long as a heal doesn’t break off and force me to replace on pair of broken shoes with two or three new pairs.

Which brings the thought with it: does anyone take their shoes in to be repaired these days, or do we all simply throw them away with a sigh of regret and grab our pocketbook or credit card for a quick, expensive, shopping spree? Like so many things in our modern world, shoes are hardly made for walking any more. There are some which look so perfect you simply have to have them but, in your heart of hearts, you know they aren’t going to make it beyond one dinner party, let alone to the end of the next month.

Now, I don’t plan on being a fashion goddess in college or anything similar, but when I look at some of the clothes people wear… Fine, it is just college and we do spend much of our time in the lecture hall or in library researching. We’re not exactly out there to catch the glare of flashlights and the gutter press, but even so. I sometimes get the feeling what is being worn was also worn the day before, maybe even three or four days on the run – which is fine for a pair of jeans, but not necessarily for that blouse – and, as far as some of the men are concerned, they probably slept in them too.

Viktoria Michaelis: Beauty and Fashion, Dresses and Boots

Photo Source: weheartit

Maybe that’s a bit unfair, not everyone knows how to use an iron these days, and setting up an ironing board is on the same level as trying to put a deckchair together when everyone is watching. And I’m not in college to look at what everyone else is wearing, more to learn and get that precious piece of paper in a few years time. I can’t help myself, though. I see a beautiful vision and take my time looking, whether that vision is a woman or some item of clothing. For one I wonder what it would cost and for the other whether I am brave enough. Sadly, in some cases, that is interchangeable.

No, this season I am looking at boots and then working out what will fit with them rather than the other way about. Working from the bottom towards the top, if you will. And, right now, the two examples I’ve shown here, if I can find them, are running in equal first place. I’ve plenty of wonderful clothes where they will fit perfectly together and that, as far as my pocketbook is concerned, is the battle half won.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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