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Almost time to begin more serious work again, the weekend is nearly over and my thoughts are moving back from leisure activities to college work, which is not such a good thing early on a Sunday but unavoidable. So, just to keep my good weekend mood up, and perhaps brighten your weekend with a few thoughts, here’s a couple of clean photographs I discovered to inspire and prepare for the wonders of late spring and the whole summer along with a few other thoughts on women and their appearance.

Viktoria Michaelis: Boobies, Women, Side-Boob, Erotica

Photo Source: vebidoo

And something else which really disturbs me, because it is becoming more and more prevalent and really shouldn’t.

This is not going to be a major rant, more a sort of pointer, if you like, to something we all know happens but which, when we get down to the bare necessities, is really disturbing.

Viktoria Michaelis: Boobies, Women, Side-Boob, Erotica

Photo Source: Tumblr

This. The idea that women have to be thin to be attractive, that they have to diet to meet some imagined norm, that no meat on their bones is the way to be. I find it one of the biggest turn-offs imaginable.

I’m not saying that we should all be plump and have lots of wobbly bits, or have to force ourselves into clothes which make us look thinner or fitter, but I do get the feeling that this woman’s skin splits every time she bends over. The idea of being able to see a person’s bones sticking out does nothing for me at all, and doesn’t match up with any ideal I can imagine. It’s not attractive, it’s hardly sensible and it certainly isn’t healthy.

Viktoria Michaelis: Boobies, Women, Side-Boob, Erotica

Photo Source: visefierbinti

The ideal should be a more natural size: thin, fine, but not so thin that you could be used as a garden rake during the Fall! There is more to life than concentrating on one diet or another to make you as think as possible, holding a decent weight, having a slightly curvy form is fine, but skeletal with a flesh-colored plastic bag stretched over your bones? Why does anyone find this attractive? Why does anyone consider this to be the ideal form for a woman’s body?

Viktoria Michaelis: Boobies, Women, Side-Boob, Erotica

Photo Source: totalverueckt

Yes, people are going to look at you, some might even appear to compliment you on your size, on how good you look, but I doubt very much that they really mean it. We’re not all catwalk models who have to fit into the stupid sizes some in the fashion industry still consider to be perfect. We’re ordinary people with a whole range of sizes, of features, of levels of perfection. Skinny, to this extreme, just isn’t it.

Viktoria Michaelis: Boobies, Women, Side-Boob, Erotica

Photo Source: 4minuten

And the bulk of the men out there – if you’re so inclined – also don’t find it all that attractive. They want something to hold on to, something to cuddle up with, and not something which is going to poke their eyes out or give them bruises each time they come near, each time they hold you in their arms. They want someone who is going to enjoy a candlelit dinner with them – or even a quick hamburger on the move – not someone who is constantly checking their calories and who can’t eat here, or there, or demands a special menu just because they feel the necessity to remain ten pounds lighter than their ideal weight.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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