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You must have come across them more then once, service industries (shops, restaurants, general businesses online and in Real Life) who boast of high things, and then fail miserably. I came across it personally just the other day, going into a store I use three or four times a week because I needed to use the toilet and finding it locked, asking for the key, being told ‘No idea’ and having someone turn their back to you in order to carry on a conversation with another member of staff. And these are exactly the companies which have massive signs hung all over the place boasting of their customer service (in this case a claim to be one of the Top Three in Germany on a billboard outside the store).

Luckily for us, the customer who doesn’t receive the service we should, there are plenty of other options. Here we have four major stores in the one town, another just a mile away and over ten more within a seven mile radius. Not happy with the service? Change where you shop. Easy.

What about online though?

Again, a massive selection in every single branch of trade that you could check out and use. Those who don’t want your service lose out, maybe not in a big way since I only spend about $400 a month on food and things, but every dollar counts when there is so much competition. And so it is with other things too:

Thanks for writing and for your interest.

Kickstarter is currently open to project creators in the US and UK who meet the eligibility requirements included below. If you do not meet either the UK or US requirements, you will not be able to launch a project on Kickstarter.

As far as other countries go, stay tuned. If you’ve been waiting, we really appreciate your patience. We’re working on it.

Thank so much,

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project as a US creator, you need to meet the following requirements:
—You are 18 years of age or older.*
—You are a permanent US resident with a Social Security Number (or EIN).
—You have a US address, US bank account, and US state-issued ID (driver’s license).
—You have a major US credit or debit card.

To start a project as a UK creator, you need to meet these requirements:
—You are 18 years of age or older.*
—You are a permanent UK resident either creating a project in your own name or on behalf of a legal entity with a Companies House Number.
—You have a UK address, UK bank account, and government-issued ID (driver’s license or passport).
—You have a major UK credit or debit card.

*Parents and teachers can launch projects in collaboration with children under 18 only if the adult registers for the Kickstarter and payments accounts and is in charge of running the project itself.

A simple question asking Kickstarter whether a project can be set up in Germany gets a standard, building block reply. No people involved here, just a piece of software which sends out a standard reply to a question and, theoretically, opens a ticket. Check the ticket after posing the question again, since the query has not been answered, and you discover that the request for a real answer has been ignored, the ticket is marked as solved, closed.

The question I posed? Can I start a Kickstarter campaign for Germany despite what it says in the FAQs.

So, you may think, why bother asking when the FAQs say that you can’t? The answer is simple, FAQs are not always up to date. If a company has plans to expand, it is fair to assume that, after a reasonably length of time, they have done just that. And there is evidence to suggest that this is so:

Viktoria Michaelis: Kickstarter Standard Reply and Kickstarter Reality

So where is the customer service? Where are the experts who are meant to help you find the right way of making your campaign work? Where, when you come right down to it, is the business sense which should be behind any business, whether online or in Real Life?

I think someone needs some other sort of kick starter here, and I mean right in the butt.

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