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Having just amused myself by watching celebrities read some of the Tweets that are aimed at them, and I mean the not so kind ones, I thought I’d quickly clear away what is still lying in my Twitter file. There’s nothing mean here, I guess, but I might just do a search a little later and see what I can come up with. Perhaps there are some ‘mean Tweets’ worth commenting on; perhaps they are just idiotic and not worth anyone’s time.

I mainly pick out Tweets which have something to do with the things I am interested in, although now and then a really interesting one catches my eye and I go look for more. The self-shot reference here is quite clear: how many times have I written about people taking photographs of themselves? And how many times have I wished they’d reacted in just the same way and simply hit delete rather than send! Sadly not everyone has good taste, especially when it comes to images of themselves…

Also something that I can relate to! It’s a bit like that perfect reply to a comment from someone else, it always comes to mind far too late. Ideas, though, come mainly at the most inconvenient times, as if your mind wants to be inconsiderate and throw you off. In the shower, on the bus, at three in the morning, they are all there, and always when the idea is good, but the circumstances not. Thus, as I have often said, my notebook. Although, in the shower, well, it doesn’t work quite as well as it might…

Personally I get the feeling that someone selling something is far more of a pain than life itself. Especially when that someone sends mail through the post or clogs up my inbox with absolute rubbish. Is there some way to tell the world that I am not interested in anything to do with male potency or television? Apparently there is a list you can put yourself on which should stop commercial spam, but I’ve heard it doesn’t work. Another way for those less scrupulous beings to get addresses.

Oh, everybody believes they are somebody. It’s part of our make-up, part of the way we are brought up right from kindergarten through college. If you want to be someone you have to do this and that and everything else. And be good at it, if not perfect. Yes, Twitter fulfills a need for those with nothing else and can bring real(ish) online friendships and conversation, perhaps a little bit of happiness. But it is soon taken over by the need to have a big Follower list. People on Twitter with a small number of followers are still nobody. Mind you, people with a big list are usually also still nobody in real life. Sometimes that is a good thing.

The truth of real life. Little thoughts which bring a smile to our faces, a wry smile at that.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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