Going Down

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Some photographs really hit you where it hurts. Some make you smile, some grimace, laugh, cry. The power of the visual can bring out the best and the worst in us, both as voyeurs and as photographers. But there are times when you need to have a serious face on, not so much because what is being produced is going to be shown to your prospective parents-in-law – although that would be a good reason too – but because someone special is going to see the results.

Photo Source: webfail

No, despite what you may think, I am not going to be writing about cute or sexy self-shots this time. Rather a different side of humor which, for those meant to see the results, is perhaps not quite as humorous as the ‘models’ wish it would be.

This is the portrait that you never want to have taken: the one which goes into your police file and gets shown to the judge. This is the photograph you will really be remembered by, and just for that reason alone you should be a little bit more careful and avoid such things as The Duckface:

Photo Source: Buster

No matter how good you may feel your duckface is:

Photo Source: Buster

Because some duckfaces make you appear to have a double-chin, and that isn’t good when using your new image for that next, all-too-important job application.

Photo Source: Buster

And it’s no good trying to hide the duckface as something else either, it still makes you look, well, criminal:

Photo Source: Buster

Another thing to avoid is the malfunctioning make-up. Fine, you’re in something of a fix and things are not looking good at the moment, but you really need to look on the good side. The chances are half of your friends have been bust at the same party, and I bet their make-up stayed firm:

Photo Source: Buster

Perhaps you think that the whole thing is just a rueful joke:

Photo Source: Buster

and someone is going to pop out of a cupboard with a hidden camera and give you a prize for the best mug-shot of the day:

Photo Source: Buster

then you can just laugh the whole thing off.

Photo Source: Buster

Or, perhaps, you suddenly come to realize that things are far more serious than you imagined, that you might be going straight from this comfortable photo booth into jail, without passing Go.

Photo Source: Buster

Some photographs are just not meant to see the light of day and, let’s be honest, some people would be better off in the dark too!

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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