Women’s Advantage?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 14, 2013 in Immoral Conversations |

Without a shadow of a doubt there are many advantages to being a woman, I hardly need to list them here but, with a little bit of help from Twitter, here are a few thoughts which help emphasis one of the greatest advantages and, in a small way, a disadvantage. It’s all about a little attribute that men have which women don’t – which all men believe to be their greatest attribute! – which can bring them both into disrepute and help other people read their mind. That is, if things go the way that they hope!

Because sometimes something happens which wasn’t foreseen, which disturbs even the libido of the strongest male.

There is this belief that this minor attribute is the most attractive part of the male, that every single woman is looking for this one thing and, I am sure, there are some who are…

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… but not necessarily all the time! And, of course, there is far more to a man than just what he has between his legs – the same being so for women both between their legs and under their chins! – even if some measure their success by what they have in their pants and how often it comes out and gets used, in a sexual sense.

But it isn’t the be-all and end-all of a person. Most women measure attractivity of their men by more than just a bulge at the right moment: they look for character and compatibility as well. Some, it is fair to say, also look to see how big the wallet is – and how deep – but personality and ability in other fields are far higher on the priority list for most women than how quickly a boner appears and how well it can be used!

Women, not having the same ability to show their interest, must rely on other things. They turn more to their senses, more to first impressions, to getting to know one another, to being compatible over a longer period of time. Similar interests, a similar lifestyle, the ability to listen as well as to talk openly come often far higher on the list than anything else.

I don’t believe there is any truth in the rumor that men think about sex – theoretically every few seconds! – more than women do, it just happens in a completely different way. It is, perhaps, more of an assessment; can he last as long as I need him to last? Can he read my wishes and react to them? Does he see ‘me’ as ‘me’?

Not that lesbian women don’t have these thoughts too, there are plenty looking for a long term relationship just as many are out for a little bit of strenuous fun in the more intimate sense. Just finding the right person is completely different.

And, to cut out one false belief, women can get turned on by people paying attention to them. Maybe not in the same way, but they can also be turned on sexually by the right attention. They may not show it with a bulge but, if you look into their eyes, watch their reactions, listen to them for a change, it is possible to discover in a woman what a boner shows in a man.

Sometimes I think that Twitter is a better media site for finding answers and advice than any agony aunt, than any sex advice platform or women’s magazine if you can read between the lines.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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